Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

Detroit Show 2010 Highlights: 2012 Ford Focus

The U.S. Focus is dead. Next year, Ford obliterates the heaviest complaint levied at its lineup. Next year, Ford gives us a European Focus.

Well, it's technically a global car. As a 2012 model, the third-generation Focus, whether in four-door sedan or five-door hatchback form, will be nearly identical in all markets. Ford's European small and medium vehicle center in Germany led development. Powertrain engineering occurred in Ford's technical center in England. Ford put its European driving dynamics specialists in charge of ride and handling. This is as European as it gets.

But there's better news: Ford says it's using identical chassis and suspension architecture in all markets, except for minor regional tuning differences. That means the torque vectoring Dynamic Cornering Control system -- added by those special driving dynamics folk -- is coming our way. It transfers power between the drive wheels to reduce understeer, and improve traction and turn-in.

The rear suspension is an updated version of the independent multi-link (Ford calls it "Control Blade") found in previous Focus models. Torsional rigidity is up 25% over the current North American Focus, thanks to extensive use of high-strength steel (comprising 55% of the body shell). Ultra-high-strength and Boron steels account for 26%. Ford says these materials help the Focus meet crash legislation across world markets and minimize vehicle weight.

Thanks to: Motor Trend

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