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Spied: 2011 Audi RS3

Audi’s hottest hatch ever is almost ready and we have the best pictures yet of how the brand-new RS3 flagship will look.

Spied testing at the famous Nurburgring race circuit in Germany, the mule captured in the pictures is wearing an S3 Sportback shell, but don’t let this fool you, underneath, the RS version is a different beast altogether.

As well as Audi’s trademark Quattro four-wheel-drive system, it is expected that the RS3 will get a modified version of the same 2.5-litre, five-cylinder turbocharged engine found in the TT RS. As a result the RS3 will have no shortage of power, with over 330bhp and 450Nm of torque. The result of this will be a 0-60mph time of less than five seconds.

Mated to an S-tronic gearbox, the RS3 will also get a host of exterior additions over the S3, including a body kit, bonnet air-intakes and twin exhausts.

Expect Audi to unveil its new hot hatch in Paris this September. Expect a starting pricetag of around £38,000 too. For more details click here.
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Hot News: BMW X4??

The success of the BMW X6 has raised the possibility of an X4 at BMW, Autocar has learned.

The giant sports-coupe/off-roader has been an unexpected success for the firm since it was launched in 2008. BMW has sold 80,000 units worldwide since its launch, which is double its initial predictions.

A BMW source revealed to Autocar that a smaller car in the same mould as the X6, likely to take the X4 name, was under consideration, but it had yet to be given the green light for production.

"We haven't made any firm decision," said our source, "however, the X6's success shows there is a continued demand for sporty off-roaders."

The X4 could be spun off the new X3's platform; that car is set to be launched later this year. It's styling could draw influence from 2001's X Coupe concept, as well as the X6.

BMW has created several niche products over the past few years, including the recently-launched X1 and 5-series GT models. The BMW Concept Gran Coupe from the Beijing motor show is tipped to be launched in 2012 as the 8-series.

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Hot News Up Date: Opel/Vauxhall City Car

The design of Vauxhall/Opel’s new city car will be signed off within the next six to eight weeks ahead of it going on-sale towards the end of 2012.

This is according to Nick Reilly, the boss of General Motors Europe. Reilly told Autocar that he believes his experience in conceiving, building and selling small cars will allow the car to be profitable in what is traditionally a difficult market segment to make money in.

“The whole cost chain, from development through to marketing, has to change in order to hit worthwhile profit targets with small car,” he said. “Not every rival of ours has this experience.

“There is a segment in which wealthier and younger car buyers don’t associate status with the size of the car. They want a good-looking car and are interested in technology and environmental factors such as CO2, or features such as an iPod connector.

“This segment has great potential – and there are not a great deal of rivals that are successfully exploiting it. That’s the reason why we are working intensively on such a project.”

Reilly said the pricing of the car, which will be designed and built in Europe, would reflect the positioning of the Opel brand in relation to its rivals. Although he wouldn’t be drawn on exact pricing, Reilly said it would cost more the cheapest Corsa but less than the most expensive Corsa.

It has been conceived a four-seater, but a five-seat variant is under consideration. Initial sales will be for the three-door model, with a five-door variant set to follow. It is shorter than a Corsa.

Reilly described the car as “setting new interior standards”. Engines will mainly be four-cylinder units, all equipped with a stop-start system, although three-cylinder engines are also under consideration. Reilly ruled out fitting the car with a two-cylinder engine, but an electric version will be launched.

“Such as car would suit electric drive,” said Reilly. “With pure electric drive, it becomes easier the smaller the car because you don’t need such big battery as in larger cars. Electric drive won’t likely be available at first – but it’ll come as soon as it is possible.

Thanks to: Autocar

Spied: 2012 BMW 5-Series Hybrid

The hybrid version of the BMW 5-series has been spied testing.

BMW’s first hybrid saloon will come with a straight-six petrol engine and be able to run on electric power alone.

A concept version of the car, the Active Hybrid 5-series, was unveiled at this year's Geneva motor show, and the production model is expected to go on sale next year.

The concept was fitted with a 40kW/52bhp electric motor sandwiched between the engine and the eight-speed automatic transmission.

The car is said to improve fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by 10 per cent compared with a conventional six-cylinder 5-series.

It can also tailor the performance of the hybrid system by using the sat-nav to predict obstacles such as hills, corners and traffic obstructions that could affect the battery life.

By doing this, the car can charge the battery during the journey and then turn off the engine before it reaches its destination, finishing the trip on electric power alone.

BMW says this technique extends the electric-only range by up to 30 per cent.

Thanks to: Autocar

Selasa, 27 April 2010

Hot News: TVR to Make Comeback

Nikolai Smolenski, the Russian oligarch who owns TVR, has revealed plans to revive the marque with a new Corvette-engined model to be produced in Germany.

The cars are likely to be built by Gullwing, which currently makes the AC MkVI, the successor to the AC Cobra. Alan Lubinsky, AC’s owner, said discussions to make TVRs are under way, but no deal has been concluded as yet.

Smolenski bought TVR from its long-time owner, the late Peter Wheeler, in 2004 for a rumoured £15 million, but was unable to sustain production and the company collapsed in 2006 amid considerable acrimony, leaving around 250 workers without jobs.

Smolenski has been linked with secret plans to show a new prototype TVR at Goodwood’s Moving Motor Show in July.

In an exclusive interview with Autocar, Smolenski revealed that his new car will have a modified version of the traditional steel backbone chassis and all-independent suspension that were used for all previous TVR models.

There is no question of reviving TVR’s own-design V8 or straight six engines, Smolenski said, due to homologation and cost reasons.

“We looked at every engine available — including making our own — and decided that the Corvette was the most powerful off-the-shelf design going. Fitting it to our chassis allows us to meet all current regulations and is not too big a step.”

In the longer term, the revived TVR company plans a hybrid concept, said Smolenski. “I always wanted an automatic model,” he said, “but the chassis wouldn’t allow either a regular auto or an automated manual. The hybrid concept would allow us to kick out the conventional gearbox completely.”

The first new-generation TVRs will be convertibles, reminiscent of the Tuscan, because Smolenski believes that most customers prefer open-top cars. It is too early to forecast names or prices, he said, but a new car “shouldn’t cost any more” than the European price of an equivalent Corvette.

Thanks to: Autocar

New Car: 2011 Ford Fiesta S1600

Ford is celebrating its pocket rocket pedigree with a limited edition, high performance edition of the Fiesta called the S1600.

Following in the footsteps of mighty fast fiestas of the past, like the XR2i and the RS.

The S1600 certainly looks the part, with plenty of exterior changes over the Zetec S on which it’s based, including a full body kit with a new front bumper, chunky side skirts and downforce supplied via a rear diffuser and large rear spoiler.

No fast ford would be complete without the now obligatory contrasting blue and white racing stripes, and this model will also get a 17-inch white alloys, so it will certainly stand out from the crowd.

The S1600 is based on the Zetec-S, and carries over the same 1.6-litre, 118bhp Duratec petrol engine, or the 95bhp Duratorq TDCi diesel option. Customers after a power hike, can take advantage of a 20bhp engine upgrade package being offered by Mountune, the same firm that can transform the Focus RS into a power crazed RS500.

To hot up the interior, Ford has added heated, leather sports seats, a leather trimmed steering wheel and gear knob. Plus Motorsport-branded floor mats and scuff plates.

Only 650 of these special feisty Fiestas are being created, and they are available to order now priced from £16,645 OTR.For more details click here.

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Spied: 2011 Opel/Vauxhall Astra GSI

It’s full speed ahead at Vauxhall! Still fresh from its launch late last year, the new Astra isn’t exactly looking dated, but the wraps are already off the sporty GSI model, which was caught testing undisguised in Germany.

The GSI will be semi-hot hatch to whet our appetites before the arrival of the full-blooded VXR model next year. From the pictures you can clearly see the tweaked front end and twin exhausts, while the car sits several centimetres lower to the ground than the standard model.

This version will get a 2.0-litre twin-turbo four-pot putting out 190bhp. That should mean than it will beat the old GSI’s 143mph top speed and improve on the 0-62 time of 8.2 seconds.For more details click here.
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Spied: 2013 Ford Ranger

Could this be the all-new Ford Ranger? The American company has been tight lipped about what will replace the Ranger when its production run ends in 2011, but these spy-shots taken today reveal that a new pick-up truck is definitely in the pipeline.

Underneath the camouflage, the newcomer looks very similar to the double cab model on currently sale, but with wider, more pronounced rear arches, and a more sloping bonnet.

As part of Ford’s new global development strategy, designed to save costs, this next generation mdel will all be built on the same ‘T6’ global platform, which will make it longer and wider than the current machine.

It is expected that the 3.0-litre TDCI duratorq diesel engine from the top-spec Wildtrak edition will be carried over to the new model, which puts out 153bhp.For more details click here.

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New Concept Car: Alfa Romeo - Zagato TZ3 Corsa

It's a Corsa – but not as we know it! This is the TZ3 Corsa, which is Zagato’s birthday present to Alfa Romeo. The Italian coachbuilder designed the incredible machine to mark the latter’s 100th anniversary.

It honours the racing partnership between the two companies over the past century, and is based on Alfa’s 8C Competizione supercar. But the newcomer’s bespoke bodyis even more spectacular.

The covers were pulled from the TZ3 Corsa at the exclusive Villa D’Este Concours D’Elegance event on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. It features a carbon fibre tubular chassis, coupled with a tubular frame and a hand-made lightweight aluminium bodyshell.

It’s possible to make out some of the cues from the 8C in the head-turning shape, although the two models are completely different at the rear, where the roofline has been extended in the pursuit of better aerodynamics.

The TZ3 Corsa weighs only 850kg, and is powered by a 4.2-litre dry sump V8 engine – which offers several different settings that can be adjusted by the driver. It delivers 420bhp to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox. As a result, Zagato claims 0-62mph in less than 3.5 seconds, while top speed is in excess of 185mph. For more details click here.

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Hot News: Infiniti CUV to Use Mercedes A-Class Platform?

Mercedes-Benz powertrain technology may work its way into future Infinitis, but it appears at least one Daimler-engineered platform may wind up underpinning a new Infiniti compact crossover designed expressly for the European market.

Hot News: Peugeot and Citroen to Get Mitsubishi RVR in 2012

Mitsubishi’s compact Outlander Sport will go the same route as its larger Outlander brethren and head to Europe as rebadged Citroens and Peugeots in early 2012.

Jumat, 23 April 2010

Hot News: 2011 Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Volkswagen has christened the Polo saloon the Vento for the Indian market. The Vento, which means wind in both Italian and Portuguese, follows the VW tradition of naming its models after prominent winds. VW certainly hopes the Vento badge clicks in India when the car goes on sale this July. In fact, India is one of the most important markets for the Vento and the German company hopes to sell 25,000 units every year once production is in full swing.

The Vento (code: VW251) is essentially the saloon version of the recently launched Polo and it shares a common platform with the hatchback. Both the saloon and the hatch are similar upto the B-pillar, except for a different grille and lights to differentiate it from its hatchback sibling. The Vento’s rear section or third box is well integrated with the body and the VW engineers were aware that the Polo’s rear seat would be inadequate for saloon car customers and hence the wheelbase has been extended by an estimated 50mm for better legroom. Headroom too will be better as the roof doesn’t taper down as sharply as in the hatch. Using the Honda City as the Vento’s benchmark, VW engineers hint at best-in-class comfort with the use of special seat cushions to withstand prolonged use without compromising comfort. Boot space is expected to be in the region of 500 litres with a split seat option on offer. Equipment levels are expected to be higher than in the Polo and the top-of-the-line version could get some of the features from the Jetta.

The Vento will initially get two engine options – a petrol and a diesel. Both these engines displace 1.6 litres and both produce 105bhp. However, the diesel has a thumping 25.5kgm of torque to the petrol motor’s 15.8kgm and their driving characteristics will differ like chalk and cheese.

Like in the Jetta, the petrol motor in the Vento is a naturally aspirated unit but it’s more advanced. While the Jetta’s 1.6 motor had two valves per cylinder driven off a single cam, the Vento has a four-valve head and double overhead camshafts. VW is likely to introduce the same engine in the Indian Polo after the Vento is launched.

The 1.6 common-rail diesel is brand new and comes from the same engine family as the 1.2 turbo-diesel that powers the Polo and the bigger 2-litre diesel under the hood of the Jetta. This engine comes with 90bhp and 105bhp power outputs and thankfully VW has decided to give us the more powerful engine. If the relatively lightweight Polo is anything to go by, then the Vento won’t be more than a 100kg heavier than the hatch, which should give it a good power-to-weight ratio. While the petrol Vento may not match the Honda City for pace, the diesel Vento should be a close match for the 110bhp Verna diesel. Both these engines, the diesel in particular, have been tuned more for fuel economy and driveability.

Sadly, there are no plans to introduce a TSI engine. The direct-injection and turbo-charging hardware in a TSI motor is proving too costly for a saloon in the sub-Rs 10 lakh category. Also, both the petrol and diesel will come with five-speed manual transmissions initially but a DSG ’box in the top-end diesel maybe introduced at a later stage.

VW plans to price the Vento between Rs 7-9 lakh and is gearing up for a July 2010 launch. This all-new saloon with a brand new set of engines promises to blend performance, luxury and economy like no other mid-size car. Can the Vento blow its rivals away? Wait for a few months to find out.

Thanks to: Autocar India

New Car: 2011 Suzuki Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki has raised the curtain on its blue-eyed-boy, the all-new WagonR. Maruti now prices the hatchback in par with its competition, with the base version priced at Rs 3.28 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), rising up to Rs 4.12 lakh for the top-end (Vxi) variant with ABS and airbags.

The all-new WagonR that replaces the existing car model is the fourth generation and is based on a completely new platform. The WagonR will now be powered by the peppy 1-litre K-series motor, the same engine powering the Estilo and A-star.

Under the skin the car is all-new. The latest WagonR is underpinned by a brand new chassis that is leagues ahead of the outgoing model. Tailored blanks are used all over and these specially treated, sandwiched and layered pieces of steel help provide stiffness without adding wasteful bulk.

On the outside, substantial styling changes have been made. The square edges of the car are rounded out, particularly at the front end. The new WagonR gets a prominent nose with large lights, a wide grille and a massive, stretched air intake below the bumper. The ‘smiling’ grille, as Maruti calls it, is part of the company’s new-found styling language also seen in the face-lifted Estilo.

The passenger cabin has improved and now sport dual tone interiors with alluminum touches all around. The WagonR’s dashboard is embellished with silver-accented surrounds for the air vents and vertical and horizontal strips. The interiors feel much more upmarket than before.

Maruti hasn’t messed around with the car’s strength; the tall roofline, high seats and ‘spacious for a hatchback’ interiors promise to keep this car on the top of the charts.

Thanks to: Autocar India

New Car: 2011 Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV Chinese Edition

Despite China’s relatively short motoring history, there’s a growing number of multi-millionaire car collectors eager to snap up the hottest exotic metal.

And Lamborghini is keen to tap into this lucrative market. The supercar maker’s sales grew 11 per cent in the country last year, and the arrival of the limited-edition Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce Chinese Edition aims to cement the firm’s presence in the country.

Not more than 10 SVCEs will be built, each with a special flat grey and orange livery. Every car will feature a numbered plaque with the name of the owner engraved in it too.

There are no mechanical changes, so the 660bhp V12 remains, and the 0-62mph time of just 3.2 seconds and 213mph top speed are unchanged.

Also making its debut at the Beijing show is the Superleggera version of the current Gallardo which has just gone on sale in Lamborghini’s seven Chinese dealerships.For more details click here.
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New Car: 2011 Volkswagen Phaeton

A newly revised rival for the S-Class? Now that’s Phaeton talk! Despite lacklustre sales of the first-generation car, VW has unveiled a facelifted version of its luxury flagship ahead of its debut at the Beijing Motor Show.

Featuring air-suspension and four-wheel drive as standard, the newcomer is aimed squarely at the top end of the market. That takes it dangerously close to Audi A8 territory – a car also built by the VW Group. And just like the A8, the Phaeton will be offered with a standard or extended wheelbase – the latter pushing out the car’s length from 5.06 metres to 5.18m.

For effortless cruising, a range of engines with either six, eight or 12 cylinders is available, including one diesel and three petrol options. The best seller in the UK will be the 237bhp 3.0-litre V6 TDI. The common-rail direct-injection unit is capable of sending the Phaeton from 0-62mph
in 8.6 seconds, but still returns 33mpg.

Petrol fans can choose between a 276bhp 3.6-litre V6, a 330bhp 4.2 V8 or a full-blown 444bhp 6.0 W12. The latter is the same engine fitted to the outgoing Phaeton, not the recently announced 6.3-litre W12 offered on the Audi A8.

In keeping with the model’s understated character, the styling changes are predictably low key. A new front end has pulled the VW flagship into line with the rest of the brand’s portfolio. But unlike VW’s other new models, the Phaeton’s more upright grille is finished in chrome instead of shiny black. The standard bi-xenon headlights and rear light clusters now feature LED lights.

With such a sombre exterior, it’s the luxurious cabin that’s designed to get customers excited. There’s four-zone climate control, while the 18-way electric seats should ensure anybody can get comfortable. Buyers can choose between a three-seater rear bench or two separate electric rear seats and a virtually limitless range of wood, leather and Alcantara trim.

Cutting-edge equipment includes an eight-inch touchscreen sat-nav, which can download satellite images from Google maps and overlay your selected route. A front-mounted camera can recognise road signs and flash them to the driver, plus there’s a self-dipping Dynamic Light Assist system which keeps the headlights on full beam, and masks part of the light if it senses oncoming traffic. Expect the entry-level petrol V6 to start from around £50,000 when it goes on sale at the end of the year.For more details click here.
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New Concept Car: BMW Gran Coupe

In a move reminiscent of—and likely inspired by—its sultry Concept CS of 2007, BMW is unveiling a new, low-profile, four-door coupe concept at the 2010 Beijing auto show. Called the BMW Concept Gran Coupé, it’s meant to showcase the company’s design abilities and philosophy. It’s also another one-off concept that we wish BMW would actually build.

According to BMW, the Gran Coupé “concentrates the design expertise of the brand” and “captures a sense of superior dynamic performance and high-quality elegance.” Whatever. It’s a sleek, low-slung, long-wheelbase sedan with a coupe-like roofline and short overhangs. Despite its thorough execution and rather production-feasible look, the possibility of it reaching the market in its current form is probably very low. Details about its powerplant and drivetrain technology are not available, but what we can tell you is that the Gran Coupé is a few inches longer than the new 5-series at nearly 197 inches, but is about four inches lower at 55.1.

Full-LED headlights and a prominent BMW kidney grille dominate the forward-angled shark nose, with sweeping lower air inlets helping to accentuate the width of the car. The doors feature frameless windows, which add sleekness by rolling up over and obscuring the B-pillars. The overall theme, with dynamic concave and convex lines and powerful wheel arches, is one of elegance and aggression. The concept’s slim-looking rear end features L-shaped LED taillights and a full-width LED third brake light across the top of the rear window. As with most concepts, the wheels also contribute to the look, with the Gran Coupé’s oversized rolling stock sporting thin, relief-milled spokes that extend into the center of the wheel, lending a three-dimensional appearance.

Details about the interior are nil, furthering our belief that this concept is probably pure eye candy. Rumors of a high-end BMW four-door coupe, possibly carrying a revitalized 8-series moniker, have come and gone ever since the CS concept was shown a few years back. This Gran Coupé will likely serve as the latest addition to those rumors, but we expect at least certain elements of its design to crop up on BMWs sometime soon.

Thanks to: Car and Driver

New Concept Car: Chevrolet Volt MPV5

GM has shown a few variations of the Chevrolet Volt before—the headed-for-production Opel Ampera, the gorgeous Cadillac Converj concept, and the sporty Opel Flextreme GT/E among them—and now comes a more family-friendly twist on the extended-range hybrid formula. The Chevrolet Volt MPV5 concept, debuting at the 2010 Beijing auto show, is a five-passenger MPV that uses the Volt’s platform and extended-range powertrain technology.

As such, the Volt MPV5 packs a 16-kWh T-shaped lithium-ion battery pack that feeds a 150-hp, 370-lb-ft electric motor. Like in the Volt sedan, the electric motor provides all the propulsion; the 1.4-liter gasoline engine onboard exists solely to generate electricity once the batteries are depleted. Chevrolet says the MPV5’s all-electric range is 32 miles, down 8 miles from the regular Volt’s, while the range with the gas engine humming away is identical, at 300 miles. Charging time on a regular 120-volt household outlet is quoted as taking “over eight hours,” while a 240-volt hookup will charge the MPV5 in “about four.” The vanlet is said to top out at 100 mph, no doubt after a thrilling five-minute mosey.

As you’d expect given its name, the five-seat MPV5 takes interior and exterior styling cues from the Volt sedan. Up front, the closed-off grille and the lower front fascia are immediately recognizable. The wheels are “inspired” by the Volt’s and wear low-rolling-resistance rubber. A full underbody tray, special taillamps, the rocker panels, and “blades” on the rear quarter-panel help improve atmospheric slipperiness. The styling was handled jointly by GM’s North American crossover design team and members of the General’s Australian design studio. (We hear design proposals were exchanged on the back of Foster’s beer coasters.) The collaboration worked—the MPV5 is a sweet-looking people hauler. The squat stance, bulging fenders, and large rolling stock give it a sense of aggression sorely missing from the crayons-ground-into-the-rear-seat set. Of course, the similarly sultry Volt concept was watered down for production, so we reserve the right to change our opinion if the same fate befalls this concept.

The Volt’s gauge cluster and touch-sensitive center stack are used here, and the two-tone leather seats carry over, too. The second-row seats flip and fold, and the MPV5 can swallow as much as 62.3 cubic feet of AA batteries—you know, just in case. There are 30.5 cubes of storage when the rear seats are up.

The MPV5 may not be as exciting as the Converj or Flextreme GT/E, but it’s the sort of mainstream-oriented variant that could allow GM to recoup its Volt powertrain investment sometime before the earth cools to a ball of over-polluted ice. Expect to see this, or something very similar, on the world’s roads not too long after the Volt sedan goes into production later this year.

Thanks to: Car and Driver

New Concept Car: Ford Start

Ford’s latest foray into the realm of chic, urban automobiles comes in the form of the Start concept. Set to debut at the Beijing auto show, the Start is intended to showcase FoMoCo’s ability to build a car that’s both stylish and efficient. The car also previews a 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost gasoline engine that we’re told will eventually make its way to the U.S.

The pint-sized Start concept is an attractive design that, like the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500, places the wheels at the far corners of the body. At 145.0 inches long and just 66.5 inches wide, the Start is 10 inches shorter and about an inch narrower than Ford’s upcoming Fiesta five-door hatchback. The two-door, four-seater’s fast rear glass is somewhat reminiscent of the first-gen Euro-market Ford Ka, but the Start is far more chic and modern. Brushed aluminum borders the glass, and the roof panel is removable so occupants can enjoy convertible-esque motoring. The concept has LED lighting all around, and the rear turn signals illuminate sequentially from the center out. The Start’s design team reportedly drew inspiration from classics like the Porsche 356 Speedster and Alfa Romeo Zagato SZ, although we’re hard-pressed to see much of either of those cars in the final product. Instead, it looks as if the designers had photos of the Audi A1 and Citröen C2 Pluriel taped to their drawing boards.

Thanks to: Car and Driver

Kamis, 22 April 2010

Hot News: Ferrari Plans Revealed

The Prancing Horse is galloping into the future. Ferrari has promised a raft of new models, including a new range-topping replacement for the Enzo and a 458 Scuderia.

As part of Fiat’s plans – revealed today – the supercar firm will launch at least one new model every year, between now and 2013. A replacement for the 612 Scaglietti – currently codenamed F151 – and an open top version of the 458, which will carry the Spider tag, are due in 2011. The 612 replacement is likely to be the first Ferrari to use the hybrid technology debuted by the 599 HY-KERS concept car.

In 2012, there will be a fresh 599 GTB – currently codenamed F152 – and the new Enzo. As we have already revealed, this new hypercar is likely to get a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which together with a lightweight carbon chassis, should leave the Bugatti Veyron trailing.

In 2013, the Maranello-based company will reveal a lightweight, more powerful 458, carrying the Scuderia badge, as well as a revised and updated California.For more details click here.
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Hot News: Maserati's Business Plans

It’s not just Fiat’s bread and butter models that are getting a revamp. The firm’s wide-ranging product strategy revealed some exciting news for Maserati fans, with the announcement of an all-new model.

Details are scarce, but the entry-level car will cost less than €55,000 (£47,820) when it goes on sale and will be positioned at the top of the E segment, against cars such as the forthcoming Audi A7, Mercedes E63 AMG and V8-powered BMW M5.

The firm described it as a “new product package with specific contents in order to exploit Maserati “DNA”. So expect high performance and a bespoke, crafted interior to feature when the newcomer arrives.

Also announced in the objectives for the brand’s future was confirmation of a New Generation of Quattroporte with “a completely new style, offering outstanding driving emotions and high-level quality.”

Maserati has pledged to increase its market share in the Quattroporte’s segment from 3 per cent to 8 per cent, by making the newcomer more affordable, with prices starting at around £75,000 in the UK.

The Granturismo and Grancabrio will also continue. No details of replacements were mentioned, as the cars are both relatively new, but the firm will make tweaks to keep the models competitive. For more details click here.
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Hot News: Alfa Romeo Confirms Raft of New Models

Fiat has made an unequivocal commitment to revitalising Alfa Romeo into a proper premium brand, including a planned return to the American market in 2012. And it’s planning to launch six new models to celebrate, including the new Spider and two Chrysler based 4x4s.

The first of the new cars will be the all-new replacement for the 159, named the Giulia. There will be two versions due in 2012, a saloon and a Sportwagon estate, both based on an extended version of the Giulietta’s platform.

A new Alfa Spider will follow in 2013 - the only model to be jointly developed by both Chrysler and Fiat in the next four years, using a shared platform and engine line-up.

Alfa will also produce two SUVs, the first will compete with the likes of the Audi Q5 and will be on sale in 2012. The second will be a Q7 rival due in 2014. Alfa don’t have an established 4x4 history, so both of these cars will be developed by Chrysler, but with Alfa-designed bodywork.

The final new model will be a five-door version of the Mito, but it won’t appear until after a major overhaul of the current model, due in 2012. For more details click here.
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Spied: 2011 Audi R8 Clubsport

Audi's already upgraded its R8 with a V-10. So what could be next? If these photographs, taken by our resident spies, serve as any indication, a Clubsport model, a presumably lighter and quicker version of the already-stunning supercar with upgraded aerodynamics.

Spied: 2011 Aston Martin Rapide Sport

If über-sports sedans are your thing, get a load of this. As previously announced, Aston Martin will be running the 24 Hours of Nürburgring on May 15th with its new Rapide sports sedan. Now our spy shooters have caught up with the four-door racer at - where else? - the Nürburgring, as it prepares for its motorsports debut.

Selasa, 20 April 2010

Spied: 2011 Porsche 911 GT2

The GT2 is facing up to an even brighter future. These are the first spy shots of an updated version of Porsche's 911 flagship – showing its revised LED front and rear lights.

Following on from the facelift Porsche gave to the 911 GT3, which debuted last year, the Stuttgart-based firm has been caught at the Nurburgring putting a revised GT3 through its paces. Accompanied by the current model – the red car in the background – it's easy to spot the albeit subtle changes. As well as re-shaped LED lights, the new GT2 gets a new bumper too.

Under the bootlid lies the same 530bhp 3.6-litre twin-turbocharged flat six-cylinder engine, which drives just the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. It has enough grunt to rocket the GT2 from 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds and onto a top speed of 204mph.

Expect the new 911 GT2 to make its worldwide debut at the Paris Motor Show in September.For more details click here.
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New Car: 2011 SEAT Alhambra

Say hola to the latest member of the SEAT family. The all-new car follows hot on the heels the latest Sharan. And just like its VW stablemate, the latest generation of the firm’s seven-seat MPV has grown by 22cm in length and 9cm in width to offer passengers more space than ever before.

The Alhambra uses the VW Group’s new MQB platform. So as well as being larger, the new car is also lighter than before to the benefit of emissions. Also helping the car’s cause is its line-up of direct injection turbo engines. Two petrol and two diesel units will be available when the car is launched in the summer – petrol choices are a 148bhp 1.4-litre or 197bhp 2.0-litre, while oil burners are both 2.0-liter units, with either 138bhp or 168bhp.

Thanks to stop-start tech, the 138bhp diesel returns 51.4mpg and emits 143g/km – making it slightly less green than the Bluemotion Sharan, which manages 52.3mpg.

Practicality is high on the menu. Entry to the rear is by twin sliding doors, while there is seating for five, six or seven. Luggage space is comprehensive – with seating for five, the boot volume is 885 litres, which grows to a maximum of 2,297 litres if only the front two seats are used.

The newcomer is much more dynamic to look at than its predecessor too. It features SEAT’s Arrow Design form language, as seen on the Ibiza.

Highlights on the options list include DSG gearboxes, xenon lights which automatically dip when they sense an oncoming car, a panoramic roof and the latest Park Assist – just as in the new VW Touran, the car can now park itself in a car park space, as well as helping with parallel manoeuvres. 

The Alhambra will be built at SEAT’s Palemela plant in Portugal. More details of the UK range, including specification and pricing details, will be available closer to the car's launch here later this year, although we expect prices to start at around £20,000. For more details click here.

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First Sketch: Citroen Metropolis Concept

From the Champs Elysee to China, tomorrow’s Citroen-owning exec will cut a global dash! That’s the emphatic message sent out by the beguiling new Metropolis luxury concept set to take a bow at the Shanghai World Expo from 1 May.

With the C6 limo now in its fifth year, this svelte four-door hybrid gives a tantalising glimpse of how a future replacement would prioritise style and grace in a bid to take on luxurious rivals such as Jaguar’s XJ.

Designed from start to finish in Citroen’s Shanghai studio, the 5.3-metre long car reinforces just how important China is to the firm. Sales were up 57 per cent in 2009, and the market is now its second biggest after France.

The Metropolis takes a more sober approach than many of Citroen’s recent concepts, but keeps the same show car design language of the DS3 hatch. The familiar blade detail ahead of the front wheelarches runs elegantly into a thin metal strip separating the headlights.

Down the flanks, a prominent crease creates a shoulder effect that tapers inwards and down to the boot, with its active spoiler. However, the heavy surfaces are broken up to dramatic effect around the nose thanks to details such as the plunging grille, the badge cutting into the bonnet and the ‘floating’ undertray that brings to mind the aggressive 2008 ‘GT by Citroen’ concept.

No pictures of the cabin have been released yet, but Citroen claims that the styling will be ‘partly inspired by Chinese musical instruments’. The Metropolis’ hybrid drivetrain incorporates 2.0-litre V6 petrol power mated to an electric motor to deliver 460bhp, while emitting 70g/km of CO2. For more details click here.

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Hot News: Toyota Recalls Lexis GX460

Earlier this month, Toyota Motor Corp notified its Lexus dealers to discontinue all sales of its 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV in response to Consumer Reports' “safety risk” label. Toyota has now issued a voluntary recall on the GX 460. The automaker plans to update the software of its Vehicle Stability Control system which helps control traction loss in cases of front or rear wheel slippage while cornering. Consumer Reports states the GX’s current VSC took too long to react during the lift-throttle oversteer maneuver.

New Concept Car: Volkswagen Milano Taxi EV

Volkswagen's Up! series of concept cars has typically focused on providing drivers with an eco-friendly mode of transportation, but the latest instance aims to provide the same to its rear-seat passengers.

New Concept Car: Mercedes Shooting Brake

Mercedes-Benz is giving us our best look yet at its next CLS-class four-door at the Beijing auto show in the form of the Shooting Break concept. Just as the current E-class sedan’s body sculpting and lighting were previewed at the 2008 Paris auto show by the wagon-esque ConceptFASCINATION, the Shooting Break (Mercedes’ spelling, not ours) shows us most of the next-gen four-door CLS’s bod. The front end’s bisected grille, huge three-pointed star, and aggressive headlamp shapes will make it to production, although we’re not sure if the lamps themselves will be comprised completely of LEDs, as seen here. Only from the C-pillar back should the production CLS differ, as its roof will drape gracefully into a low decklid. So if you hold your finger over the rear part of the roof and D-pillar and squint, (most of) the CLS sedan will magically appear.

Perhaps equally significant is what lurks beneath the hood, where the first example of M-B’s forthcoming direct-injection, 60-degree V-engine family has appeared. In this case, it’s a 3.5-liter V-6 that will produce a claimed 306 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. It also is said to “set new standards in terms of fuel economy among the competition.”.

But what of this whole Shooting Break idea, anyway? Well, the name is a bit of a stretch, since a “shooting brake” typically is a wagon based on a coupe, and Mercedes is already stretching the accepted definition of coupe by applying that term to the four-door CLS. For what it’s worth, Mercedes-Benz is calling this thing “a coupe with a sloping tail end.” Whatever.

Now, whether or not you buy into Mercedes’ creative definition and spelling of such descriptors, the Shooting Break makes sense, four doors and all. The interior, rife as it is with show-car indulgences, nevertheless promises swanky and intimate accommodations for four with individual bucket seats separated by a full-length center console, as in the current CLS.

While the ConceptFASCINATION (which, by the way, was a real shooting brake with two doors) was never produced, it appears that the Shooting Break actually will be. Sadly, it most likely won’t join the four-door CLS on our side of the pond, according to Mercedes insiders. That’s too bad. The Shooting Break’s overall blend of reasonable utility (which the CLS sedan—er, “coupe”—has little of) and extreme automotive fashion is something we totally dig. We could even get used to the weird spelling.

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Jumat, 16 April 2010

Spied: 2011 Hyundai Compact-MPV

Hyundai will consolidate its strong position in the UK market post-scrappage with the launch of several new models in the next year, including this new five-seat MPV.

The new MPV, likely to take the firm’s ix badge used on its more spacious models, will be based on the i20 supermini and is the sister car to the recently launched Kia Venga. It is set to be revealed at the Paris motor show this autumn and will be on sale in the UK early in 2011, priced from around £11,500.

Engines will be shared with the i20 and Venga, meaning 1.4 and 1.6 petrol and diesel powertrains will be offered. Styling is expected to be inspired by Hyundai’s i30-based HED-5 concept from the Geneva motor show in 2008, as well as featuring some of the firm’s new design language featured on the ix35 crossover, especially at the front end.

The launch of the new compact MPV, which is a replacement for the unloved Matrix, will be followed in 2011 by a larger seven-seat MPV based on the i30. This isn’t expected to be seen until next year’s Geneva motor show at the earliest. Splitting the two models will be the launch of the Hyundai’s new i40. This will reach the UK in March 2011 in estate form and will be followed that summer by the saloon.

Other new models planned by the firm include a comprehensive facelift of its popular i10 city car later this year, an all-new i30 in 2011/12 and its halo Veloster coupe this time next year. The radical ix-metro baby SUV concept from last year’s Frankfurt motor show is also tipped for production in 2012.

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Hot News: 2015 Smart ForFour

Smart is set for a major product overhaul that will give it a successor to the discontinued Forfour supermini.

Petrol, diesel, hybrid and all-electric powertrains are all part of the plan for both this car and the all-new Fortwo, as Smart prepares to take on BMW’s Project i city car.

In a move that its chairman, Dieter Zetsche, says will provide Smart with financial stability and the scope for growth, parent firm Daimler will jointly develop the third-gen Fortwo (due in 2012) and the new Forfour (planned for 2014) in partnership with Renault and its Japanese partner Nissan.

The first car to hail from the partnership will be a Fortwo replacement. The compact two-seater, set for launch in coupé guise in 2012, will use a new modular platform that is in the final stages of development at Mercedes-Benz’s R&D centre in Sindelfingen, Germany.

It will be followed by a new Renault city car based on the same platform and produced alongside the Fortwo at Smart’s existing factory in Hambach, France.

As with today’s model, the new Fortwo and its Renault sibling will continue with a rear-engined/rear-drive layout and exposed ‘tridion’ safety cell.

Two years after the new Fortwo, Smart will again try to muscle its way into Europe’s largest market segment with a successor to the four-door Forfour. It will use a lengthened version of the Fortwo platform, complete with its rear-engined/rear-drive layout. It will share this platform with Renault’s next Twingo and will be built alongside it at Renault’s factory at Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

The set-up should provide generous economies of scale between the Fortwo and the Forfour. Sources say this will allow the new car to be priced more keenly than the old one.

Unlike the first Forfour, which used a conventional two-box design, the new model is set to adopt a more upright one-box profile. At 3500mm in length and 1550mm in height, the new Smart will be around 800mm longer than today’s Fortwo.

The new car will retain the exposed safety cell but is likely to use steel panels in place of the Fortwo’s composite ones for ease of manufacture. The Forfour should also adopt a combination of conventionally hinged front doors and sliding rear ones; the latter set-up was previewed on Mercedes’ F800 Style Geneva show concept.

Inside, the Forfour will provide seating for four adults. As with the Fortwo, the seats will be set high for ease of entry. Luggage space will be limited, with the boot compartment sitting above the engine at the rear. But fold-down rear seats will be standard, allowing owners to tailor the space to their own requirements.

Power for the new Forfour will come from a new range of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines that are under development as part of the Daimler/Renault-Nissan co-operation. Set to range in capacity from 1.2 to 1.8 litres, the new direct-injection petrol and common-rail diesel units will find their way into a wide range of compact Mercedes, Nissan, Renault and Smart models. In both Smarts, the engines will be mated to a dual-clutch gearbox.

As with the Fortwo, Smart is also planning to provide the new Forfour with hybrid and plug-in electric driveline options as part of a broader strategy aimed at lowering Mercedes’ overall fleet CO2 average to below 140g/km by the middle of the decade, in line with EU emissions regulations.

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First Sketch: IAT Wifeng II Concept

This is an updated version of Chinese car maker IAT's Ford Puma-esque concept, the Wifeng.

Called Wifeng II, it has been given a meaner stance and gullwing doors, and will be unveiled at next week's Beijing motor show.

According to IAT it will have a top speed of 124mph and a 0-62mph time of seven seconds.

It is one of three electric car concepts that Chinese car maker IAT will be displaying at the show, all with powerplants provided by Japanese battery maker ENAX.

IAT will also display a radical one-box electric car called the Zhu Feng (Bamboo Wind). It has a 90mph top speed and a 100 mile range.

Its final concept, the eTaxi, is a more conventionally shaped saloon car with a battery pack which is designed to be replaced in 90 seconds, to avoid long charge times.

The battery pack will take eight hours to fully recharge, although it can be 80 per cent recharged in 30 minutes.

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New Car: 2012 Renault Kangoo Z.E

The Kangoo goes into production at Renault’s Maubeuge plant in northern France in the second half of 2011. It uses a smaller 44kW motor but retains the same 100mile range as the Fluence. The lithium ion battery is mounted under the load bay floor so carrying capacity remains the same as the conventionally-powered version.

The battery is charged from a mains supply in 6-8 hours, which Renault considers perfect for a commercial vehicle – a fleet of Kangoo ZEs will be used by the French postal service to prove the concept.

Renault has also announced that it will build the car previewed by the Zoe Z.E. Concept in Flins, near Paris, while the car derived from the Twizy concept car will be produced at the Valladolid factory in Spain.

A website for UK buyers interested in being first in the queue to buy one of Renault’s electric cars has been set up. The car’s debut coincides with the government’s planned introduction of a 25 per cent discount off the purchase price of an electric car, which comes into force in 2011.

Prices are yet to be decided, but the firm has stated that the cost of its electric cars will be comparable with those of a diesel-powered car of an equivalent size and equipment level. For more details click here.
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New Car: 2012 Renault Fluence

Meet Renault’s electric dream. These are the first official pictures of the production Fluence and Kangoo electric cars which are due to hit European roads in 2011.

The French firm predicts that 10 per cent of all cars will be powered by electricity by 2020 and, along with alliance partner Nissan, is planning to be one step ahead of the competition with its family saloon and commercial van offerings.

First to arrive will be the Fluence ZE – an electric version of the conventionally-powered Focus-sized Fluence saloon. Drive comes from a 70kW electric motor which powers the front wheels and the range is 100miles. The batteries are lithium ion units, weigh 250kg and are located behind the rear seats.

Batteries can be recharged from a household supply in 6-8 hours, at a fast charge station in 30 minutes, or via a Quikcdrop facility which allows the car’s flat battery to be taken out and swapped for a full one in just three minutes.

Production begins at the Bursa plant in Turkey early in 2011, with Israel and Denmark being the first to get it. UK sales will start later in the year.

To mark it out from its petrol-powered sibling, Renault has added blue-tinted head and taillights, gloss black mirror housings, and the battery charge flaps on both wings.

Inside, the rev-counter has been replaced by a display for range and battery charge, while the dash gets ZE-specific trim. For more details click here.
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New Car: 2011 Audi A8L

What do the Chinese love more than being chauffeur-driven in big German sedans? Being chauffeur-driven in big long-wheelbase German sedans. It’s no surprise, then, that Audi is using the 2010 Beijing auto show to introduce the 2011 A8L to the world.

While the Chinese have a certain predilection for all things long-wheelbase—they get some cars that we never see, like the extended versions of the BMW 5-series and Mercedes-Benz E-class—our market tends to skew in the LWB direction when it comes to full-size luxo-barges such as the A8.

The 2011 version of the A8 will see the return of Audi’s W-12 engine and long-wheelbase body, both of which were last seen on our shores in the 2009 model year. Audi’s twelve-cylinder 6.3 FSI—so called because it’s been bored out to 6.3 liters and now sports direct injection—develops 500 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque, up from 450 hp and 428 lb-ft from the last-gen car’s wacky W-12, but still less than those generated by the V-12s of Audi’s German competitors. For reference, BMW’s latest 760i/760Li puts out 535 hp and 550 lb-ft, thanks to a pair of turbos, while the Mercedes-Benz S600’s V-12 produces 510 hp and a staggering 612 lb-ft. Audi’s all-aluminum construction does give the A8 a weight advantage, however.

The W-12 is hooked to Audi’s new ZF-sourced eight-speed Tiptronic transmission, as is the A8’s 4.2-liter V-8, and the gearbox routes power to the standard Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Audi performance estimates have the A8L W12 hitting 62 mph in 4.9 seconds. No EPA numbers are available yet, but Audi expects a 12-percent increase in efficiency, which would put fuel economy somewhere around 14 mpg city/21 highway. The 372-hp 4.2 will continue to be the standard engine in the A8L.

The W-12 model gets visual differentiation in the form of a unique gloss-black grille with thick horizontal chrome bars, chrome air-intake inserts, and chrome bits on the side mirrors, as well as W-12 sill plates and badges. Exhaust gases exit through a pair of fat trapezoidal outlets carved into the rear bumper. W-12 models wear standard 19-inch wheels with 20s optional and 21s available as accessories. Near-record-size ventilated front brake discs measuring 15.75 inches are included on the W-12—they’re larger than those found on the Corvette ZR1 and Bugatti Veyron.

A8s earn their L badge by growing just over five inches between the wheels. That extra space is seen in the rear of the beautifully crafted interior, where the car can be equipped with two individual seats that are heated, ventilated, and highly adjustable. A full-length console, standard on the A8L W-12, can be spec’d with a folding table or a refrigerator. Long-wheelbase cars get a reclining seat behind the front passenger that offers a power-adjustable footrest—it looks like a jumpseat in the photos—which deploys from the back of the seat ahead. Rear-seat passengers even get loose cushions to help them get comfortable. Judging from our short stint in the back of a normal-wheelbase A8, the L’s interior will be one of Audi’s best, and room will be ample.

Options available on all A8s include full-LED headlights and a panoramic glass roof. Other features include the standard Audi Drive Select system, an adaptive air suspension, the new MMI touch interface, night vision, and adaptive cruise control. A8 models of every stripe are due to arrive at dealers in the fall of 2010, and pricing throughout the lineup should stay in the $75,000–$120,000 range.

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New Car: 2011 Mini John Cooper Works World Championship 50 Edition

At last summer’s Mini United festival at the famed Silverstone circuit in England, Mini announced that it would be building a limited number of cars to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Not only was 2009 Mini’s 50th, but it was the 50th anniversary of the year that John Cooper’s F1 racing team won its first championship.

To celebrate, Mini joined forces with John Cooper—actually “John” Michael Cooper, big JC’s son—to design the Mini John Cooper Works World Championship 50 Edition. Basically a Mini JCW coupe, the MJCWWC50E is sprayed in a deep Connaught Green, one of a few hues our resident Brit says count as original British Racing Greens—although the true original is darker still and also known as Napier Green. White stripes trifurcate the hood, and the right one is signed by John Cooper—or Mike Cooper, anyway, who signs his name John Cooper.

As the original British Racing Green was almost black, the MJCWWC50E receives a number of black external accents—convenient, isn’t it, that carbon fiber is black? The bi-xenon headlights shine from black settings, the 17-inch Challenge wheels are painted gloss black, and carbon fiber makes up the hood scoop, the rear diffuser, the mirror housings, and the lip above the rear license plate. Along with a plaque on the center console, the fender vents are numbered.

The dark-green exterior is complemented by black interior leather with red highlights. Red piping sets off the black seats, while the lower dash panel and armrests are red, too. Red stitching adorns the shifter and handbrake boots, as well as the floor mats. The carbon-fiber theme is continued inside with the dash panel and trim on the doors and steering wheel made from the lightweight fabric.

Of the 250 MJCWWC50Es to be built, 50 are coming to the U.S. beginning late this spring. At a cost of $40,300, the car carries a premium of more than $10,000 over a regular JCW coupe, although—as we proved with our long-term Mini convertible—Mini makes it easy to pile on that much in options and accessories anyway. Outfitting a workaday JCW three-door as close as possible to what you see here would cost roughly the same as this limited edition, so the price seems fair to us.

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Rabu, 14 April 2010

New Car: 2011 Geely Emegrand GE

The Geely GE limousine that drew criticism for its startling similarity to the Rolls-Royce Phantom when it was unveiled last year will be on display in modified form at next week's Bejing motor show.

The car has been extensively restyled, getting a rounder look, especially at the front end. Inside, it gets two rear seats rather than the single 'throne' arrangement of the original concept.

The 5.4-metre Geely GE prototype was unveiled at last year's Shanghai motor show, painted black and given pride of place on a raised plinth in the middle of Geely’s huge stand. Soon after its launch Rolls-Royce officials announced they were considering legal action.

It made obvious reference to the Rolls in the shape of its cabin, windows and down-sloping rear deck. The 'Grecian temple' grille was also considered close to being a Rolls copy, especially as it was topped by a figure which seemed to draw influence from Rolls-Royce's traditional Spirit of Ecstasy, except that the figure slopes backwards.

However, its nose, beneath which is mounted a 3.5 litre V6, is considerably shorter than the Rolls's.

In total Geely is showing 59 cars in Bejing, across its Emgrand, Global Eagle and Englon brands.

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First Sketch: JAC IV Concept

This is Chinese car maker JAC's answer to the Smart Fortwo, which will be unveiled at next week's Bejing motor show.

The JAC IV concept was designed in the firm’s Italian facility in Milan, which was set up in 2005 at a cost of around £1.5 million.

The facility focuses on the design of JAC's cars, and developing engineering techniques that can be fed back into the Chinese car maker's own research and development processes.

It has been revealed that the JAC IV concept has a hybrid powertrain, but full details won't be released until the Bejing motor show next Friday.

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Hot News: Sales of Lexus GX460 Suspended

Sales of the Lexus GX460 SUV have been suspended in the US after it was branded a safety risk - but sales of the Toyota Land Cruiser on which it is based are not affected.

The Lexus GX460 was tested by American magazine Consumer Reports, which concluded the rear end of the car "slid out until the vehicle was almost sideways before the electronic stability-control system was able to regain control."

Lexus responded by instructing dealers to halt sales of the 2010 model GX460 temporarily, while it investigated the complaint.

“We are taking the situation with the GX 460 very seriously and are determined to identify and correct the issue Consumer Reports indentified,” Lexus said in a statement released today.

Lexus’ engineering team are currently working to recreate the parameters of the Consumer Reports’ test and have offered a loan car to any current 2010 GX460 owners concerned about the issue.

The Lexus GX460 is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser. However, a Toyota UK spokesman confirmed that the Land Cruiser is unaffected.

Although the GX460 is not available in the UK, it is sold in the US, Middle East, Russia and Australia.

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