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Hot News: TVR is Back

TVR is on the brink of a sensational return to Britain. Rumours of a revival have been swirling ever since a holding page for was posted a few weeks ago sporting a TVR logo and the phrase 'never say never'. Auto Express spoke with the new British owner of TVR Automotive for confirmation and now the TVR homepage reads 'the distant rumble of rumour has turned to thunder and TVR is back in Britain'.

Mr Les Edgar, a businessman based in Dorking, Surrey, recently bought the rights to the TVR name, as well as the rights to manufacturer parts for existing cars, from the former owner, Nikolai Smolensky. Edgar wouldn’t reveal the price he paid for the deal, but did confirm that he will be “following up with more information, extremely soon.”

Edgar said he was under a strict non-disclosure agreement so couldn’t reveal the timeframe, only that it will be “as long as it takes to get this right.” He added: “There’s a lot of planning and forethought that’s gone into this. Watch this space.”

The imminent announcement adds fuel to speculation that an all-new TVR could be on the way, although Edgar was quick to play down a story posted on a rival website suggesting a new model with “totally new styling” that was “half the price of a Ferrari and probably as fast” is on the way.

TVR, which was sold by Peter Wheeler to Smolensky in 2004 before being officially closed down last year, has suffered a troubled past with several failed comebacks but it looks like this latest one is set to run its course. For more details click here.

Thanks to: Auto Express

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