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Spied: 2014 BMW 4-Series Convertible

The BMW 4 Series Convertible has been spied with minimal disguise, confirming that the new model will retain a folding metal hard-top, similar to that of the 3 Series Convertible it will replace from next year.

The 4 Series models slot in above the 3 Series saloon and Touring estates in BMW’s range, and will feature more generous levels of standard kit as a result.

For that reason 4 Series models will attract a premium over the 3 Series, although a BMW spokesman told us that the price rise between the new 4 Series Coupe and current 3 Series Coupe will be around £500 – giving a starting price of around £28,000 for the Coupe and £34,500 for the Convertible.

The 4 Series cars will share the higher-powered engines with the 3 Series line-up, and include the option of BMW’s xDrive four-wheel drive system from launch.

The BMW 4 Series Coupe will be revealed this weekend, and debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. However, we’ll have to wait a little longer for the arrival of the Convertible, which is due to debut at January’s Detroit Motor Show, alongside the new 2 Series Coupe. Both the 4 Series Convertible and 2 Series Coupe are set to go on sale in the UK in March 2014.

By splitting its 3 Series line-up in two, that means that the Coupe version of the M3 will now be know as the M4, while the M3 will continue as a four-door saloon. Both M cars are due to launch in the UK at the same time in summer 2014. For more details click here.

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