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Spied Up Date: 2014 BMW i3

This is the best pictures yet of the production version of BMW's first electric car, the i3. It will make its production debut in London on July 29, and is expected to go on sale in mid-November. BMW hopes to sell around 30,000 i3s globally during its full first year of sales in 2014.

These shots show the i3 will feature sculpted body panels and skinny tyres to help improve aerodynamics and reduce drag. The dimensions of the i3 are likely to be similar to a VW Golf. However, prices are expected to be in the same region as a top-spec BMW 3 Series, starting from around £35,000.

The i3 in the pictures may also be fitted with the optional range extender - hence the 'Hybrid Test Vehicle' stickers on its side and rear. The range extender is a two-cylinder 650cc petrol engine from a BMW motorbike to boost range.

The i3 is expected to be able to drive 80-100 miles on battery power alone. If the driver selects Eco mode, that'll get the car a further 12 miles on average, while Eco+ mode adds an extra 25 miles to the range. The range extender charges the batteries, and adds around 80 more miles to the total.

BMW will launch the i3 under its new 'i' sub-brand that carries the tagline 'Born Electric.' That's a reference to the fact that all i cars are designed from the ground up as electric models, rather than being based on a converntionally powered car.

The i3 will also be shown alongside the i8 hybrid supercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Both models will be built from aluminium and carbon fibre-reinforced plastic to save weight. For more details click here.

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