Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Hot News: 2014 Nissan Terrano to be Unveiled on 20th of August

Nissan has officially confirmed that its Duster-based SUV, the Terrano, will be unveiled in India on August 20. Nissan had earlier revealed two sketches of the SUV. 
Just like it had done with the Sunny name, with the Terrano, Nissan has resurrected the moniker, which it had given to an earlier-generation mid-size SUV launched way back in 1993 and discontinued in 2006. As seen from the sketches, the Terrano sees changes to the sheet metal as well to bring the car in line with other Nissan SUVs.
We broke the story of Nissan’s upcoming SUV on June 6, 2013 about its upcoming Duster-based SUV. The big surprise here though, is that the Terrano will be priced approximately Rs 50,000-75,000 more than the Duster, which is contrary to the current trend where Nissans are priced lower than its equivalent Renault models.  
The Terrano will be on sale by October 2013.
Thanks to: Autocar India

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