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New Car: 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse

For those who have always dreamed of driving a race car, the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse may be the next best thing to one. Before it debuts at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Italian supercar maker has revealed details on a new Gallardo variant based on the Gallardo Super Trofeo race car.

The race car-inspired Gallardo Squadra Corse is very similar to the Super Trofeo race car that competes in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo one-make series. Both share the same 562-hp V-10 engine, with a six-speed gearbox with paddle shifters transferring that power to the ground through all four wheels. Lamborghini says the Squadra Corse can accelerate from 0-62 mph in an estimated 3.4 seconds and reach 124 mph in just 10.2 seconds. Weighing about 3000 pounds, the car is around 155 pounds lighter than the run-of-the-mill Gallardo. Also taken from the race car is the massive rear wing affixed to the trunk lid, which allows the Squadra Corse to achieve three times the load of the regular Gallardo. The removable engine hood, constructed of carbon composites just like the rear wing and several other elements, is also transferred over from the Super Trofeo car.
 Inside, carbon fiber and Alcantara abound, and racing bucket seats can be swapped out for more comfortable ones. An Italian-flag-colored decal strip along its side makes the Squadra Corse unique, and the massive rear wing is finished in matte black. The hood, front air intakes, rear diffuser, and 19-inch wheels are painted in high-gloss black, while the carbon-ceramic brake calipers can be painted in yellow, red, or black.

Get a load of the barely legal Gallardo in the images below, and start counting down the days until its official debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Thanks to: Motor Trend

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