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New Car: 2014 Mercedes GLA-Class

The Mercedes GLA is a new compact SUV that will go head-to-head with the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 when it arrives in showrooms in late November.It’s based on the same modular MFA platform as the A-Class, but at 4,417mm by 1,804mm by 1,494mm, it’s dimensions are 125mm longer, 24mm wider and 61mm taller respectively than the hatch.

Boot size is also up on the A-Class - 80 litres larger, at 421 litres - and its practicality can be enhanced by an optional Load compartment package. This adds moving rear seatbacks, providing extra space for rear passengers or luggage as required.

The GLA was first seen as a concept at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this year. While that model’s proportions weren’t particularly outlandish – even for a concept – the production car is even more conservative in terms of design. That’s particularly true in the most basic, SE spec we saw at a studio in Sindelfingen, Germany, near Mercedes’ HQ. First impressions are that the GLA seems more like a pumped-up A-Class than a proper SUV.

It has a large, more rectangular grille than the hatch, with a big Mercedes logo flanked by a pair of matt grey wings. The grey trim continues on the lower half of the front bumper, encircling the air intake, and at the rear, where it helps give the car width and draws your attention to the chrome exhaust finishers.

There’s also rugged-looking grey plastic sill cladding to emphasise the extra ground clearance. Sporty detailing includes twin bonnet ridges similar to those on the SLK, while the tailgate opening runs through the LED lights rather than around them. This neat practical touch gives a wider boot opening than on the A-Class. For more details click here.

Thanks to: Auto Express

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