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New Concept Car: Opel/Vauxhall Monza

The Vauxhall Monza will make its debut at the Frankfurt motor show next month.

The Monza is said to preview future Vauxhall design language, while the model also includes a super-efficient new range-extender drivetrain and a revolutionary interior multimedia system.
“The Monza concept is nothing less than our vision of the automotive future,” according to Vauxhall-Opel chief Karl-Thomas Neumann.

The 4690mm-long coup√© was penned by Vauxhall’s British chief of design, Mark Adams. Its look is the next step from Vauxhall’s current design language, introduced with the Insignia in 2008. It will refine the look of the marque’s range, adding in more flowing surfaces, more precise lines, more prominent side sills and wheel arches and more sweeping contours.

Dramatic gullwing doors give access to an airy four-seat cabin, with entry and exit aided by the absence of B-pillars. Despite its sporty silhouette and low 1310mm height, boot capacity is rated at 500 litres — and there is plenty of headroom for passengers, since the whole cabin sits around 150mm lower than in a comparably sized production model.

Power comes from a development of the Ampera’s range-extender drivetrain. Vauxhall hasn’t released any performance or economy figures yet, confirming only that the role of the generator in the drivetrain is played by its new three-cylinder 1.0-litre SIDI turbo engine, converted to run on natural gas.

The Monza is said to do without a conventional dashboard, centre console, instruments and multimedia screens. Instead, it has one continuous, sweeping display from door to door. This uses LED projection technology, which is the same as that used at events such as the Queen’s jubilee, when a special show was projected on to Buckingham Palace.

The technology uses 18 LED projectors to display all the typical functions of the interior; the driver operates this via voice control or steering wheel buttons.

Thanks to: Autocar

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