Rabu, 04 September 2013

New Concept Car: Ford Mondeo Vignale

Ford wants to deliver an “upscale product and ownership experience” with its upcoming Vignale sub-brand, seen here in concept form on a Mondeo which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show.

The Vignale mixes a more upmarket appearance inside and out with a much-enhanced dealership experience for the buyer, including a dedicated contact at the local dealer and a number of exclusive concierge-style services.

Roelant de Waard, Ford of Europe’s sales boss, said Vignale cars will be aimed at “time-poor, independent thinkers who want to be made to feel special”.

Due to be launched as part of the all-new Mondeo range in early 2015, the Vignale version will be the first in a series of upmarket trims on such models as the new S-Max and upcoming Edge SUV.

Vignale will sit at the top of the Ford range above Titanium X, for the “10-15 per cent of potential buyers who want an even higher specification”.

Martin Smith, Ford’s European design director, said the Vignale line is a “more upmarket version of Ford DNA” using “modern industrial design and architecture as an inspiration”.

Thanks to: Autocar

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