Kamis, 21 November 2013

LA Show 2013 Highlights: Honda FCEV Concept

The Honda FCEV concept has been revealed at the LA motor show.

The concept “expresses a potential styling direction” for the next generation of Honda’s fuel-cell electric vehicle. That model is due to launch in North America and Japan in 2015, followed by a European roll-out.

FCEV represents the world's first fuel-cell powertrain to be packaged within a conventional engine space, says Honda, which allows for space and weight savings as well as giving the powertrain the flexibility to be fitted to different types of vehicles.

Honda reports the FCEV's powertrain has increased power density by 60 per cent over its previous hydrogen-powered vehicle, the FCX clarity. The size of the fuel-cell stack has also been reduced by 33 per cent.

The FCEV has a claimed range of more than 300 miles, while the concept can be refuelled in around three minutes at pressures of up to 70MPa.

The concept features modern styling, says Honda, with aerodynamic bodywork and seating for up to five passengers.

Honda’s American boss, Mike Accavitti said: "The FCEV Concept demonstrates Honda's vision for the future of personal mobility and our commitment to developing advanced alternative fuel vehicles.

"As we work towards the introduction of our next-generation fuel-cell vehicle in 2015, our long-term experience with fuel-cell technologies will help us pave a way towards a zero-emissions future."

President of Honda in the US Tetsuo Iwamura said: "While this car is a concept, it points toward a very real future."

Honda is currently supporting a small fleet of FCX and FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicles.

Thanks to: Autocar

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