Sabtu, 23 November 2013

Tokyo Show 2013 Highlights: Daihatsu FC凸Deck Concept

When we first saw the Daihatsu FC凸DECK (also called the FC Deco Deck), we couldn't get over its funny name, but this cab-over kei car could signal a whole new level of efficiency wrapped in a very small package. Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Daihatsu FC Deco Deck is powered by a liquid fuel cell and a compact generator, and the Japanese automaker suggests that this technology might someday be used in low-cost vehicles.

Looking like the back of a Nissan Cube mounted atop a piece of luggage, Daihatsu says that the platform used for the FC Deco Deck allows greater freedom for the design of fuel-cell vehicles. In addition to the FC Deco Deck, Daihatsu is also showing off two generators (the FC-Dock 20C and FC-Dock 5C) for use of this technology outside of the automotive world.

Thanks to: Autoblog

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