Jumat, 22 November 2013

Tokyo Show 2013 Highlights: Toyota Aqua Air Concept

The Toyota Aqua Air, an all-new roadster concept based on the Japan-only hybrid supermini, has been unveiled for the first time at the Tokyo motor show.

Toyota has yet to reveal any official information about the concept, but according to internet rumours the concept is powered by a 99bhp 1.5-litre petrol engine in conjunction with an electric motor. The hybrid powertrain is linked to a CVT gearbox.

The concept should be very fuel efficient, with rumours suggesting it'll be able to manage as much as 100mpg. No performance or top speed information has yet been revealed.

Reportedly measuring 3990mm long by 1690mm wide, with a height of 1440mm and a wheelbase of 2550mm, the Aqua Air concept could well act as a preview for a new compact roadster.

Toyota has also added two other Aqua-based concepts to its Tokyo lineup - the Aqua G Sports and the Aqua 'Cross'.

The Aqua G Sports boasts striking cosmetic enhancements, including a sporty bodykit and 17-inch alloys wrapped in plump 195/45/R17 tyres. Inside, the G Sports gets new sports seats, a different trim finish and aluminium pedals.

The Aqua Cross concept combines the sporty prowess of the G Sports with a crossover flavoured stance. Toyota has endowed the body of the Cross concept with plastic mouldings around the wheel arches, skirts and bumpers, while adding a different front grille and roof rails.

Thanks to: Autocar

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