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Hot News Up Date: Holden Still Lives On

GM officially announced last week that it would cease all manufacturing in Australia by 2017, leaving a big question mark regarding the future of the Holden brand. Now, Automotive News reports that the brand will live on, importing models to Australia and New Zealand from other countries.

As we previously reported, GM's Australian wing will shift from a manufacturer to a sales and distribution company. That means vehicles will be built outside of Australia to skirt the country's labor costs and strong currency, and branded as Holdens. In addition to handling sales, the new company will oversee parts distribution and repairs.  
With Holden's Elizabeth plant closing, the future of the Holden Commodore (and the Chevrolet SS with which it shares most of its mechanicals) is still unknown. A report from Australian site, however, suggests that the next Commodore will be a rebadged Buick built in China. Speaking to a Holden insider, learned that the new car was born from a deal that left Holden in charge of designing a Buick model exclusively for the Chinese market. The plan was for the model to be built in both Australia and China, but with manufacturing ending down under, the car will reportedly be built solely in China and exported to Australia as the next-gen Commodore.  
The car will be front-wheel-drive, and will be the first Commodore sold with a four-cylinder engine since the early 1980s. Holden is reportedly fighting to get a V-6 option for the next-gen model, which insiders say will be nearly 197 inches long and almost as wide as the outgoing Commodore, though a lower roofline and swoopier European styling will help the car look smaller.  
If reports of the Commodore going front-drive prove true, it could spell the end for the Chevy SS and fleet-only Caprice.
Thanks to: Motor Trend

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