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Future Cars: 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTi

Volkswagen has revealed that the facelifted Polo GTI - arriving next year - will be available with the option of a six-speed manual gearbox. Buyers of the current car are limited to a seven-speed DSG automatic box only.

VW hasn't revealed images of the updated Polo GTI yet but has announced that its 1.4 TSI engine will get a power boost from 177bhp to 189bhp. Now the Polo range is available with adaptive dampers for the first time, you can expect them to come as standard on the GTI model. Combine that with the new electro-mechanical steering and some subtle tweaks to the chassis and the latest GTI could feel like quite a different car.

The extra power and the new, more fuel-efficient steering will no doubt have an effect on the official figures. Expect to see the 0-62mph drop from 6.9 seconds to a little nearer the 6.5-second time of the latest auto and manual Golf GTIs. Fuel economy will be slightly improved over the current car's 47.9mpg figure.

In line with the rest of the Polo range, the new GTI will get an interior inspired by the latest Golf, including a new steering wheel, new dials and a new infotainment system. This will incorporate something called MirrorLink, which essentially allows you to display apps from your smartphone on the in-car touchscreen.

As well as an updated Polo GTI, Volkswagen is planning to release a 250bhp, four-wheel-drive Polo R. VW wants to help create a link between this road car and its championship-winning Polo WRC car.

We're expecting the Polo GTI to cost from around £19,000 when it arrives next year, with the Polo R model at around £22,000. For more details click here.

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