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NAIAS 2014 Highlights: 2015 Hyundai Genesis

The new 2015 Hyundai Genesis has been revealed today at the Detroit motor show.

The design of the new car has been modernised, the interior is more upmarket, and there are mechanical and technological advances over the outgoing model. The Genesis is also finally offered in right-hand drive and Hyundai UK dealers will begin taking orders in the middle of 2014, albeit in limited numbers.

The first-generation Hyundai Genesis arrived in the USA in 2008. The Korean saloon mirrored executive cars like the BMW 5-series but featured pricing inline with the compact executive class. The Genesis ticked most of the boxes on paper but it lacked the cohesive styling and chassis dynamics of the German competition and didn’t offer the option of all-wheel drive which is important for the American market.

Hyundai calls the design of the new Genesis, Fluidic Sculpture 2. This is the second phase of the design language first introduced in 2009 on the Sonata saloon, the American version of the i40. The Korean company claims this evolution encapsulates fluid aesthetics, the modern Hyundai look, and a premium ambience.

Inside, special attention has been paid to simplify controls, increase storage area functionality, and give buyers “ultra-precise” fit and finish. The level of equipment and technology is truly staggering.
Advanced smartphone apps offer Google Glass integration and can message owners advising the use of the remote engine-starting feature based upon scenarios such as outside temperature and their commuting schedule. A premium navigation system is available with a large, while a 720p high-definition screen and the climate control system utilises a CO2 sensor for increased air quality and driver safety.

The engine setup is similar to the outgoing Genesis. The base 3.8-litre V6 engine develops 311bhp and 293lb ft of torque. It is available paired with either rear drive or the new “HTRAC” all-wheel drive system. The 5.0-litre V8 puts out 420bhp and solely sends its power to the rear wheels. Both engines feature direct injection and are hitched to Hyundai’s in-house 8-speed automatic. There is no diesel option.

The styling and technology improvements combined with optional all-wheel drive should dramatically increase the reach of the new Genesis in the USA. The lack of a diesel will limit the appeal in Europe but offering both the steering wheel on the right and official imports is a step in the right direction and an opportunity for Hyundai to move upmarket in the EU.

Thanks to: Autocar

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