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NAIAS 2014 Highlights: Volvo Concept XC Coupe

The new Volvo XC90, due at the end of the year, has been previewed by the Concept XC Coupé, show today for first time at the Detroit motor show.

The Concept XC Coupé follows last year’s Concept Coupé as the second of three concept cars penned by Volvo design chief Thomas Ingenlath. Each concept has been designed to preview Volvo’s new look and highlight the flexibility of the firm’s new SPA platform, which will be rolled out first on the XC90 and ultimately on all Volvos larger than the V40.

Ingenlath says the two-door, four-seat Detroit concept, “brings us a bit closer” to the new XC90.
“But it goes without saying that a three-row seven-seater will have a larger and fuller look than this four-seater,” Ingenlath added, comparing the Concept XC Coupe to an Allroad-style version of a sports estate.

Using Ingenlath’s words, it is relatively easy to imagine a larger and fuller version of the Concept XC Coupé in order to arrive at the look of the new XC90. Indeed, Volvo has already previewed the front end of the new XC90 in a teaser image and its links to the Concept XC Coupé are clear.

Ingenlath says the Concept XC Coupé has been inspired by the design of modern sports equipment and is pitched at people with active lifestyles. This is reflected in the way the two rear seats fold flat to store sports equipment, as well as with the concept’s roof box and with the materials used for the body cladding and trim.

The Concept XC Coupe shows off the versatility of the SPA platform, the architecture previously being used on the sleek two-door Concept Coupe. Larger 21in alloys are fitted to the concept, as are flared wheel arches, a taller roofline, a longer bonnet and more prominent beltline.

Thanks to: Autocar

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