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New Car: 2014 Jeep Wrangler Freedom

This special edition Jeep, dubbed the Wrangler Freedom, pays tribute to the long running history the brand has shared with the military.

Based on the Jeep Sport range, the Wrangler Freedom will come packed with a 3.6-litre V6, producing 209kW and 347Nm, and is available in either two or four-door variations and your choice of a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission.

The most obvious difference between the Freedom and the regular Jeep Wrangler is that the Freedom comes adorned with a large ‘Freedom Star’ decal positioned on the bonnet and right rear quarter-panel. This decal pays homage to the long line of military vehicles the brand has produced and Jeep has said that it is “purposefully weathered to make it appear like those on the original Jeep army vehicles.”

Other exterior changes include a Mineral Grey painted front grille, Wrangler Rubicon Rock Rails, blacked-out fuel cap, body coloured wheel arch flares and unique ‘Oscar Mike’ badging (military lingo for ‘On Mission’ or ‘On the Move’).

The interior of the Wrangler Freedom also sees a few tweaks, with silver being used to accentuate the front and rear seats, centre console, steering wheel, air vents, front door arm rests and the door grab handles. The unique ‘Freedom Star’ also finds its way into the interior, being embroidered onto the front driver and passenger seats. Captain America would be proud.

Known for its rugged off-road capabilities, it is little wonder Jeep has found such success in providing vehicles for the military. With 223mm of ground clearance, 35-degree approach angle and 22-degree breakover angle, the Jeep Wrangler Freedom looks capable of tackling almost all types of terrain. 

“Australian buyers proved last year that they love Jeep Wrangler and we are pleased to offer them a new special edition model that provides a strong visual connection with Jeep’s rich heritage,” said Veronica Johns, Fiat Chrysler Group CEO and President.
Thanks to: Car Point

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