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Chicago Show 2014 Highlights: 2014 SRT Satin Vapor Series

With the exception of some notable truck and van introductions, Chrysler brands have tended to use the Chicago Auto Show to bring out new special editions, pimp their aftermarket parts support or indulge in the occasional flight of fancy. That plan is holding true for 2014, as well. Cases in point are these new Satin Vapor Editions of the 2014-model-year Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 – all from SRT.

The Satin Vapor name may sound like a failed 1970s glam-rock band, or a pseudo-gynecological diagnosis from the Old West, but is, in fact, pretty much a tape-and-trim package for this trio of hi-po Mopars. 300, Challenger and Charger alike come shod with 20-inch aluminum wheels finished in Black Satin Vapor Chrome, and are accented with Satin Black bits aplenty. The 300 gets blacked-out mirrors, spoiler and roof; the Challenger applies it to mirrors and its fuel door; while the Charger has the stuff covering its roof, hood and Super Bee tail graphic.

Interiors of the cars have been mildly updated as well, with all three getting some combination of Nappa leather, ultra-suede and carbon-fiberish finishes.

What price, this glorious, Moparized individualism? The Satin Vapor Edition package will run $2,300 for the Chrysler 300 SRT, $1,700 for the Dodge Challenger SRT, and $2,330 for the Charger SRT. Look for availability of all to occur during the second quarter of this year. No mention is made in the press release (below), of the Satin Vapor cars being a limited edition, for what it's worth, so Chrysler is likely willing to build just as many as the hungry public deigns to order.

Thanks to: Autoblog

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