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New Car: 2016 Honda Civic

Honda just revealed the tenth-generation of its iconic car, Civic at a special event in Los Angeles. 2016 Honda Civic brings a lot of new things, including new design, new chassis, new technology, new engines, and a new body style for US market, 5-door hatchback. Interesting!

New Civic is designed based-on Civic Concept that made its debut at 2015 New York Auto Show. Compared to the concept, the production version comes up with more elegant design. Of course, Honda’s designers have done some changes in the some parts of its exterior. Up front, Honda redesigned its headlights that features LED headlights. The chrome accents are on the grille and above the headlights. At the rear, the C-shaped taillights is taken from concept version.

The new chassis features a revamped strut front suspension and a new multi-link rear suspension mounted to an ultra-rigid rear subframe, while other notable changes include variable gear ratio steering, beefier front and rear stabilizer bars, standard 4-wheel disc brakes and the application of Honda’s Agile Handling Assist brake-torque vectoring technology.

Under the hood, Honda offers new engines, The first powertrain is a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder turbo (this is the first ever Honda with turbo in the US) which produces 173 hp. It means that 30 hp more power than current 1.8 liter engine. Another engine is a 2.0 liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder producing 158 hp. For the gearbox, if you bought 1.5 liter, you only get a CVT transmission, but if picked 2.0 liter you can choose a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT transmission.

Honda Civic’s latest features is a 7-inch HD Display Audio touchscreen that runs both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. After launched the sedan, Honda is expected to release Coupe, Si, 5-door hatchback, and Type R to compete with Ford Focus RS.

Spied: 2017 Bentley Mulsanne

Do you feel that current Bentley Mulsanne looked weird? And the other hand, you want it so bad but you don’t want your friends or family pouting you because of your newest ride. Take it easy. Because Bentley is preparing the refreshment of its flagship, Mulsanne next year.

The British automaker was caught testing the facelift of Mulsanne on public road. According to Carscoops, 2017 Bentley Mulsanne likely to get squarer and wider front-end, more upright grille, redesign headlights, three big air intakes in the front bumper, and a long wheel-base version (LWB). The ultra-luxury sedan is expected to make its debut at 2016 Geneva Motor Show, next March.

Moreover, the Bentley Mulsanne will get derivatives. Bentley’s CEO, Wolfgang Durheimer told Automobile Magazine, “Wait for the next motor shows to come and what we have to announce, but I can tell you that we are taking close care about the Mulsanne. Mulsanne will get further derivatives, and we are going to enlarge this beautiful flagship model line.”

Report said that the first derivative of Mulsanne would be a Mulsanne Grand Convertible that is expected to make its world premiere at 2016 LA Auto Show and to be launched in early 2017.

Thanks to: Carscoops

Frankfurt Show Highlights: Thunder Power Sedan EV Concept

From German, let’s move to Asia. No, I don’t mean Japan, South Korea, or even China. I mean Taiwan. At 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Taiwanese automaker, Thunder Power introduced EV Concept to the world. It’s 4-door sedan that wants to beat Tesla Model S. The company plans to launch its product in Europe in 2017 and in China in 2018.

The EV Concept is designed by Italian designer, Zagato. The exterior design is unique. Yeah, I said that it was ugly when I saw it for the first time. But I saw it for awhile and it’s not that ugly or even weird (at least it has own design). Up front, we can see boomerang-shaped headlights and chromed-rounded grille. At the rear, there’s the same shape taillights like the headlights.

How about its performance? Thunder Power offers two electric powers, 308 hp and 429 hp. The more horsepower version can reach 100 km/h from zero in under 5 seconds and it’s claimed that its top speed is up to 155 miles per hour. Its driving range is more than 600 km, thanks to 125 kWh battery  that is placed in the floor which is is based on unique high-energy-density lithium-ion cell technology.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: Porsche Mission E Concept

The rumor that was reported that Porsche wants to build an all-electric car to beat Tesla is completely true. At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the German automaker unveiled its latest concept car, Mission E. It’s not a two-door sport coupe like 911, but it’s a four-door sport sedan. Indirectly, it might preview the next generation of Panamera or even Panamera junior.

Porsche’s designers give the Mission E a fresh exterior design.No more rounded headlights at the front. It is replaced by four headlights with laser Matrix technology that is adopted from Audi. The concept car has suicide door and it means that Mission E doesn’t have B-pillar. Meanwhile at the rear, Porsche said that it had typical sport car architecture. At this part, we can see LED taillights that sweeps away from left to the right. A three dimensional ‘PORSCHE’ badge makes Mission E looked more interesting.

Inside, Porsche shows a futuristic interior styling. Just like, E-Tron cabin there are no buttons anymore and replaced with touchscreen displays using OLED technology. There are two layers 3D display. The first layer is driver’s display and the second is a holographic display that places from center cockpit to front-passenger side. The second layer displays media, navigation, climate control, contacts, and vehicles. Interestingly, the concept car features instrument that can be operated by eye-tracking, gesture control, and even hologram. And the 3-spoke steering wheel feels classic in a good way when I see it for the first time.

Porsche Mission E uses two PSMSs (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors) which can produce total output 600 hp and its driving range up to 500 km. The car with all-wheel-drive and all-wheel-steering system can reach 100 km/h from zero under 3.5 seconds. Furthermore, it can reach 200 km/h less than 12 seconds! The most impressive thing about this car is charging time. It can reach 80% only in 15 minutes, thanks to the first ever 800-volt drive system in the car’s industry.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: Audi E-Tron Quattro Concept

After releasing some sketches, Audi shows E-Tron Quattro Concept off at 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. As I mention above, the crossover concept hints the-coming-soon Q6 which will be launched in early 2018. So, the exterior styling probably look like this with some changes in some parts to make it better. At the front, the sharp and sleek headlights bring Matrix laser, while below section there are OLED lights technology that debuts on the concept car. Another new technology is a solar roof that will put a little bit of energy to the battery. The Audi’s typical trapezoidal grille comes up with chromed horizontal lines. At the rear, E-Tron Quattro has the same OLED technology for its taillights.

Clean, simple, sleek and roomy probably are the right words to describe the interior of the concept car. Say goodbye to the complicated buttons on the center cockpit. Audi replaces it all with touch screens which has OLED technology. Just like Audi’s latest cars, the E-Tron Quattro comes up with virtual cockpit display that will inform the driver about map, battery status, range driving, and even music that is playing. At least but not least, the crossover concept has 615 liters of luggage.

The car with drag coefficient of 0.25 has 95 kWh battery capacity and 3 electric motors that drives front axle (1 unit), and rear axle (2 units). Total output is 429 hp, but while boosting it can produce 496 hp for short periods. Furthermore, it has 800 Nm of torque and its performance from 0 km/h to 100 km/h is 4.6 seconds. Meanwhile, its top speed is electronically-limited up to 210 km/h and its driving range is 500 km.

The battery can be charged using current DC electrical with 150 kW output and it takes around 50 minutes until it’s fully-loaded. The concept study also brings autonomous driving technology which is equipped with radar sensors, a video camera, ultrasonic sensors, a laser scanner, and central driver assistance controller (zFAS). Audi claims that the technology is nearly ready for production cars. I expect to see it in next-gen Audi A8.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: 2016 Jaguar F-Pace

At 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show everyone was surprised when Jaguar unveiled C-X17 Concept. It was an SUV concept that previews the first ever utility vehicle from British carmaker. And two years later, at the same event Jaguar introduced the production-spec of its first SUV, called F-Pace. So, why Jaguar builds an SUV? Ian Callum, Design Director of Jaguar said that The world was telling them in no uncertain terms this is what they wanted.

The 2017 Jaguar F-Pace is built-on Jaguar’s Lightweight Aluminum Architecture. The exterior design is almost the same like other Jaguar cars (I’m a little bit disappoint because I hope a brand new exterior styling). Up front, the LED headlights has the same shape like 2016 XF and it features LED Daytime Running Lights, too. Other Jaguar’s typical part on the exterior are a big grille and big air dams is featured in this SUV. And at the rear, you can see LED taillights that has same shape like in latest XF and F-Type. Overall, even though I’m a little bit disappoint and F-Pace is looked like XF SUV, it still has nice exterior styling. Even, it’s better than Bentley Bentayga.

For the powertrain, Jaguar offers gasoline and diesel engines. The entry level is 2.0 liter diesel producing 177 hp, 2.0 liter gasoline with 237 hp, 3.0 liter diesel produces 296 hp, 3.0 liter gasoline with two option maximum outputs, 335 hp and 375 hp. The car is offered with RWD or AWD system. For the body structure, Jaguar announced that it has 80% aluminum too keep light. It means that F-Pace is the only SUV with aluminum-intensive monocoque in the segment.

To be able driving off-road, Jaguar immerses torque-on-demand all-wheel-drive system which is claimed as the most sophisticated and has the highest torque capacity. It has IDD (Intelligent Driveline Dynamic) that you can find in F-Type AWD. IDD retains rear-wheel drive agility and handling character but can seamlessly transfer torque to the front wheels to get extra traction on all surfaces and in all weathers. Jaguar F-Pace also get Land Rover’s technology, like Adaptive Surface Response (ASR), developed from the Terrain Response technology. Integrated into Jaguar Drive Control, ASR identifies the type of surface and optimizes the mapping of the powertrain and Dynamic Stability Control system.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: 2017 Bentley Bentayga

Bentley EXP 9 F Concept that was shown at 2012 Geneva Motor Show marked how interest the British company to make an SUV. And now at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Bentley officially introduced the production version of its first ever SUV, named Bentayga.

It’s built on the modified MLB-Evo platform that has been used on the latest Audi Q7. Bentley’s designers seems took some inspirations from the concept version. Up front, there are small LED Daytime Running Lights that also serves as turn signal and bigger LED headlights.Bentley’s typical grille with diamond accent still on the car. When I saw it from the front side at a glance it’s like a Continental GT SUV. But it’s still looked good and elegant. At the rear, we can see the production version is slightly boxier than EXP 9 F. Its LED taillights comes up with smaller dimension than the concept. The twin-exhaust prove that this is a fast SUV.

Let’s go to the interior. I never doubt the Bentley quality material for its cabin. And Bentayga is one of them. It features ultra-luxury cabin with handcrafted woods, metal trims, and sumptuous leather. All seats are available with contrast stitching and diamond accent. Moreover, the front seat is equipped with 22-way adjustment, 6-program massage, heating system, and ventilation. The SUV also gets an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with a 60 GB hard drive, a removable 10.2-inch Android tablet Bentley with 4G connectivity, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for rear passengers, 3-choice audio systems, a 1,950-watt unit from Naim with 18-speaker, and other luxury and optional features.

If you are an anti-mainstream man/woman, you can choose Bentley’s Mulliner Bespoke Program. It offers personalization things for your Bentayga. You can choose 90 exterior colors, 15 carpet options, 7 handcrafted veneers, 15 choices of interior trim, and several alloy wheel options in size from 20 to 22 inches.

Under the hood, Bentley put W12 6.0 liter gasoline engine. The powertrain also equipped with twin-turbocharged, producing 600 hp, 900 Nm of torque, and mated to 8-speed automatic transmission. Bentayga can reach 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and its top speed up to 301 km/h. Bentley claims that its SUV is the fastest and the most powerful SUV in the world.

For adventure stuff, Bentley offers Drive Dynamic Mode as a standard, with an optional Responsive Off-Road Setting. It provides 8 driving modes plus a computer-controlled, adjustable air spring, with four ride heights.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: Toyota C-HR II Concept

Watch out Juke! That phrase is right to say to Nissan because Toyota is preparing to launch its latest crossover next year. And at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the carmaker introduced C-HR II Concept which previews the new crossover. Yes, this is an update version of C-HR Concept that shown for the first time at 2014 Paris Motor Show.

Toyota’s designers change some exterior elements, so it’s looked more production-ready. Up front, C-HR II isn’t looked weird like Juke, even though it still a concept car. Its headlights get redesign and now features LED Daytime Running Lights. The 3-point LED fog lights is replaced with boomerang-shaped. Big changes are on the side section. Now, C-HR II comes up as a four-door crossover, not two-door anymore. But Toyota cleverly disguises the rear doors with thin windows and bulging rear wheel-arches. And the line design of the study car is look alike its rival, Juke. And at the rear, we can see the busy design language with so many details and sculpted lines here and there. To be honest, at a glance it looked like Nissan Gripz Concept.

Overall, the C-HR II exterior styling is ready for production,especially at the front section. Meanwhile, at the side and rear I expect some major changes, including bigger windows for rear passengers and more simple design at the rear. For the best handling and control, Toyota developed the concept car on Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. I expect to see the production version of C-HR II at 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: Nissan Gripz Concept

Are you waiting for the new Nissan Z? If so, what design or style do you want for it? Or do you want to Nissan change the Z to a crossover? If you still want the new Z as a pure sport coupe, brace yourself. Because at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show Nissan unveiled its newest concept, Gripz which is reported to replace the Z! It’s a sport crossover concept that takes inspiration from various vehicles from a rally car to a bicycle. Yes, Nissan wants the concept car can take you to the office on the weekdays and go adventure on the weekend, just like a bicycle (but you can’t lift it up and get in to the public train).

Its exterior design is looked aggressive and sporty. At the front, there are boomerang-shaped LED headlights which is accompanied by fog lights that is placed below the headlights and V-shaped grille which is now be a identity for Nissan. Gripz comes up with no B-pillar which means that it has suicide doors. But the doors have different way to open. The front is Lamorghini-like scissor doors, meanwhile the rear is luxury sedan-like doors. The car with 22-inch tires has a busy design language at the rear section. There are boomerang-shaped LED taillights, matte black Kamm tail gives the concept a ‘codatronca’ effect, and dual chromed trapezoidal exhausts.

I hope the rumor that Gripz will replace Z, is really a rumor. Because the concept car is perfectly match to preview next generation of Juke.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept

Probably this is the star of 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. At this year’s auto show, Mercedes revealed its latest concept car, named IAA. It stands for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile. The concept car deserves the star of the show because it’s futuristic, it’s a high-tech car, and it’s innovative.

IAA’s exterior styling is like the combination between CLS and F 015 Concept. At the front, its design reminds me of F 015 Concept. It can be seen from its unique-shaped headlights which has the same form like the previous concept. The concept car has an aerodynamic line from the front to the rear. The C-pillar line is designed to be a coupe-like. Its design reminds me of Audi A7 and the concept’s design could be the preview of next CLS-Class. At the rear, Mercedes’ designers put a unique design featuring thin LED taillights that sweeps away from left to right.

As the name suggests, the 4-door car shows the latest aerodynamic technology. Mercedes said that IAA Concept had active aerodynamic features. When you drive at 80 km/h, the mode changes automatically from Design Mode to Aerodynamic Mode. First, the fin in the front bumper retracts by 60 mm to improve flow along the underbody. Furthermore the flaps in the front bumper extends by 25 mm and rearwards by 200 mm to improve airflow around the front-end and the front wheel arches.

The active wheel rim change their cupping from 50 mm to 0. And the most interesting part of active aerodynamic feature is when the rear-end extending its size up to 390 mm. The result is its coefficient of drag 0.19. It means that the lowest in the world today.

The concept car isn’t all about the aerodynamic thing. The German carmaker put the autonomous feature to the study car. Mercedes deploys many sensors and modules which allow autonomous driving and car-to-X communication. This feature enables communication between IAA and other vehicles on the road or even with other sources of information. Mercedes IAA Concept comes with petrol engine that is combined with plug-in hybrid which has total output 275 hp and its top speed is electronically-limited to 250 km/h. I hope the aerodynamic tech can be implemented in next-gen Mercedes’ car, at least for its upcoming supercar.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: Mazda Koeru Concept

Mazda introduced its newest concept car, Koeru. Its name is taken from Japanese word which means ‘going beyond’. Yeah, just like its name, the concept car could be the preview how the next generation of CX-Series look alike in the future. Koeru is designed using Mazda’s latest design language, Kodo – Soul of Motion. Up front, Mazda’s designers keep its signature design, like chromed wing that now is placed above the headlights and sweeps away to the grille. Moreover, Mazda keeps the half-rounded LED Daytime Running Lights that we can be found on latest Mazda CX-5, CX-3, and 6. At the rear, we can see a sporty exterior design. This part features the same half-rounded LED taillights that’s combined with thin LED lights above it.

Koeru’s dimension is almost the same as the old CX-7. It has 4,600 mm long, 1,900 mm wide, and 1,500 mm high. Meanwhile its wheelbase is 2,700 mm. The concept car can accommodate up to five passengers and equipped with MZD Connect a new generation smartphone-based connectivity system. And the concept is immersed NVH-suppressing technology for a smoother and quieter ride. Moreover, it features latest SkyActiv engine that is said to be fuel efficient.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: 2017 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder

I don’t know is it intentional or not. Just like its rival, Lamborghini revealed the open top version of Huracan, titled Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder which is 488 Spider rival and to be shown with same color, blue. Lamborghini’s designers redesigned some parts on the exterior styling, including rear compartment which now gets buttresses behind the seats, new air intakes on top of the rear fender, and a new engine lid.

The electrohydraulic fabric roof can be folded in 17 seconds and you can do it while driving up to 50 km/h. Interestingly, the fabric top is offered in 3 different colors: black, brown, and red. Lamborghini claims that Huracan Spyder has 1,542 kg weight, and 2.53 kg/hp for power-to-weight ratio. Under the hood, Lamborghini using V10 powertrain 5.2 liter produces 602 hp. The engine is equipped with cylinder-on-demand and stop-start technology to pursue fuel efficiency, and mated to 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Its performance is 3.6 seconds to reach 100 km/h from zero and its maximum speed is 324 km/h.

2017 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 will go on sale in 2016 and the first delivery will begin in spring 2016. How about the price? Before taxes, is around $210,111.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB Spider

Ferrari introduced its latest line up, 488 Spider. It’s an open top version of 488 GTB. At a glance, the convertible car is looked like its big sister, LaFerrari. Designed in its own house design, Centro Stile, the 488 Spider has an elegant and sporty exterior styling. The hardtop can be opened or closed in 14 seconds. Furthermore, the glass pane can be retracted to three positions to adjust the amount of the wind and sound in the cabin.

The Ferrari’s engineers worked on magnetorheological dampers to guarantee maximum sportiness without compromising on comfort. And the new SSC2 Side Slip Angle Control system will help a non-professional driver to control the beast. Under the hood, there’s a V8 3.9 liter powertrain producing 661 hp and 760 Nm of torque. 488 Spider can reach 0 km/h to 100 km/h in seconds and 200 km/h in 8.4 seconds.

Frankfurt Show Highlights: 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo unveiled the 2016 Giulia at this year’s show. It’s a four-door sedan that marks the rebirth of Alfa Romeo. Moreover, the middle-size sedan is the first rear-wheel-drive car in over 2 decades from the Italian brand after 1992 75. Giulia is prepared to fight with BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class. So, what’s new inside the sedan?

Under the hood, Alfa Romeo just unveiled Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) type which has V6 3.0 liter turbocharged and tuned by Ferrari engineers. The powertrain can deliver up to 503 hp. And its performance is 3.9 seconds to reach 100 km/h from 0 km/h. The company also announce that the Giulia performance at Nurburgring circuit that spends 7:39 lap time. It’s surprisingly fast and it means that Giulia is fastest in the saloon class. Even it’s 13 seconds faster than BMW M4. The Italian company is reported preparing for smaller engines (petrol and diesel).

The exterior design, you can recognize it as an Alfa Romeo from distance. Its triangle grille is still at the front fascia that features aggressive and sporty design. Moreover, there are headlights that’s integrated with LED Daytime Running Lights. Its headlights design with narrow design making the Giulia’s face looked grumpy. The car looks muscular, thanks to sculpted lines that are placed on the hood. At the rear, we can see LED taillights and quad-exhaust. Overall, seems like Alfa Romeo wants to introduce its new design language that is combined with its traditional identity. Alfa Romeo Giulia will go on sale early 2016 with price starts from $70,000 to $90,000.

Minggu, 13 September 2015

New Car: 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche just revealed the facelift of its iconic model, 911. The changes are including a re-tuned chassis, flat six-cylinder with turbocharged engines, and a new infotainment system. Overall, the significant changes are in the technical part. But the German automaker has done some changes on the exterior sector.

On the exterior design, we can see that now latest 911 features 4-point LED Daytime Running Lights surrounding the headlights. Porsche’s designers have removed the fog lights on the front bumper leaving the sleek chrome accents alone. Furthermore, the sport coupe gets a redesigned front bumper and bigger air dams. At the rear, now the two-door car gets redesigned 4-point LED taillights, a restyled rear bumper, and new rear lid with black-colored vertical lines. For the 911 Carrera, Porsche put dual-exhaust, meanwhile 911 Carrera S gets quad-exhaust.

Inside, the interior looks more elegant featuring a redesigned steering wheel. A new system is put to 2016 911, called Porsche Communication Management that will be displayed in 7-inch multi-touch display. It offers more function and easier to use.

Now, 2016 911 has 10 mm lower the ride height chassis, thanks to re-tuned PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) and it can improving stability during fast cornering. Moreover, to enhance comfort and better body connection during dynamic driving, Porsche’s engineers put new shock absorbers with wider spread characteristic.

For the engine, 911 Carrera gets bi-turbo 3.0 liter flat six-cylinder producing 365 hp and 450 Nm of torque plus mated to PDK transmission. The fuel consumption is around 13.5 km/liter. And for its performance, 911 Carrera with PDK and Sport Chrono Package can reach 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and its maximum speed is 295 km/h. Meanwhile, 911 Carrera S gets the same engine but it can produce 414 hp and 500 Nm of torque. Its fuel consumption is around 12.9 km/liter. The performance-wise, 911 Carrera S with Sport Chrono Package can reach 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and hits 308 km/h for maximum speed.

2016 Porsche 911 will make its debut at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show next week and will be released on December 12th in Germany.

New Car: 2016 Toyota Prius

Las Vegas was chosen by Toyota to introduce the fourth generation of Prius this week. Yes, finally the hybrid car from Japanese automaker official shows its new face to the world. Toyota promises that the latest Prius is to be more fun, and 10% more efficient than its predecessor.

Like what rumors have said before, the new hybrid car adapts many Toyota Mirai’s design cues. To be honest, the result is weird and ugly. Even Mirai is looked much better than the 2016 Prius. Up front, we can see that boomerang-shaped LED headlights are so dominant. Moreover, the front bumper features sharp lines on the edge making it more weird. From the side, Toyota prefer to keep liftback shape which has become its identity since the second-generation.

At the rear, its exterior design is still weird. Its LED taillights sweeping away from the top to the bottom near the rear bumper. Toyota announced that the latest Prius is built on New Global Architecture. The company claims that this new platform allows lower center of gravity, stronger passenger compartment, and new double-wishbone rear suspension. The automaker said that the four-door car was 2.4 inches longer, 0.6 inches wider, and 0.8 inches lower than the previous generation.

As everyone knows that Prius never be a fun-to-drive car. But now, Toyota promises that the new Prius is more fun-to-drive. Moreover, Toyota claims that 2016 Prius is 10% more efficient than its predecessor. So, I expect its fuel consumption is around 55 miles per gallon. And Toyota announced that they will launch an ‘Eco’ model later. For safety equipment, Toyota put Toyota Safety Sense. It is a package of driver assistance electronics such as pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and prevention and adaptive cruise control.

2016 Toyota Prius will make its debut at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show next week.

Minggu, 30 Agustus 2015

New Car: 2016 Kia Sportage

After some leak pictures and spy photos, Kia finally released the first batch of latest Sportage pictures. The South Korea automaker just released 3 photos that shows front, side, and rear part. The fourth generation of Kia Sportage was designed by Kia’s European Design studio in Frankfurt, Germany and got input from Kia’s Design Center in Namyang, South Korea and Irvine, California.

What you see above is Sportage GT (the first SUV wearing GT trim from Kia). Up front, now the headlights are placed on the engine hood with leaf-like shape. Meanwhile, the tiger-nose grille is still there making everyone can recognize it as a Kia. To add aggressive look, Kia’s designers put skid plate and four fog lamps that maybe only can be found in GT trim. For other types, probably to get couple fog lights and no skid plate. Overall, if I see it from front side, the new Sportage is looked like a Porsche Macan.

At the rear, 2017 Kia Sportage now comes with half-circular LED taillights. Turn signal and reverse lights are still placed on the rear bumper that probably be a Sportage’s identity. Moreover, there are chrome accent between taillights, silver skid plate, and dual-pipe (perhaps only for GT trim).

However, this is a Korean-spec, probably there will be a minor differentiation for other countries.
Unfortunately, Kia hasn’t released the interior’s picture and the engine specification. But the company plans to announce it on 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 15.

New Concept Car: Daihatsu FT

Alongside the FX Concept, Daihatsu unveiled another concept car, named FT. It’s a 7-seater SUV that probably will replace the old Terios. The exterior design is more masculine, and looks tough. Up front, it features big LED headlights, big fog lamps, and chrome grille. At the rear, its LED taillights shape reminiscences me to the old Pajero Sport.

nside, the Daihatsu FT Concept features a digital instrument cluster, push-start ignition, leather seats and polished metal accents on the dashboard, four-spoke steering wheel and center console.

New Concept Car: Daihatsu FX

FX Concept is a concept car that may preview an upcoming compact crossover from Daihatsu. According to company, it is tough enough to stand up to the rigors of off-road running. Up front, Daihatsu’s designers give modern design featuring four boxy and sleek headlights, honeycomb grille, and chrome accent below the headlights and grille. Meanwhile, on the lower part we can see trapezoidal grille and LED Daytime Running Lights on the left and right.

At the rear, there are LED taillights with unique shape and chrome accent below the taillights. Meanwhile the rear bumper is integrated with skid plate and quad-exhaust to add sporty look. Daihatsu FX Concept has 3,800 mm long, 1,690 mm wide, and 1,580 tall. It means that its dimension is bigger than Renault Kwid, but smaller that Honda HR-V.

New Concept Car: Honda BR-V

The 2015 Gaikindo Indonesian International Auto Show (GIIAS) just opened last Thursday and Honda BR-V Concept is one of cars that I’ve been waiting for. BR-V stands for Bold Runabout Vehicle. It is positioned below the HR-V and ready to battle with Daihatsu Terios and Toyota Rush.

The compact SUV is based-on Honda Mobilio and no wonder some people call it as a Mobilio SUV. Up front, BR-V comes with tough and boxy face featuring boxy headlights and chromed Honda’s solid wing face grille. Honda’s designer gives sculpted and unique lines in the front bumper. Overall, there’s no Mobilio’s design in front fascia which is a good thing. From side, we can see sculpted lines sweeps away from wheel arches to B-pillar. Unfortunately, Honda replaces the floating line on D-pillar with conventional line. At the rear, the taillights design looks like XR-V, Chinese version of HR-V. But BR-V’s taillights are more attractive. Chrome accents make the SUV more luxurious.

Unfortunately, we can’t see how its interior look alike. Honda is still lock the door. But rumor has it that the cabin design will be like latest Jazz and it will have Mobilio steering wheel. I’m gonna let you to imagine it, then.

Under the hood, there’s an Earth Dream engine 1,5 liter 4-cylinder and mated to 6-speed manual transmission or CVT. The price of Honda BR-V starts from Rp 230 million to Rp 265 million. If you wanted to buy it, Honda is already open the order book but you’re going to get it at early 2016.

Sabtu, 04 Juli 2015

New Car: 2016 Hyundai Creta

Do you have any plan to buy a compact crossover like Ford Ecosport, Honda HR-V, and Nissan Juke this year? If so, and you haven’t decided what car you would pick, you have to consider the new entry in compact crossover. I’m talking about 2016 Hyundai Creta which is just introduced in India this week.

Basically, Creta isn’t a brand new car. It’s just a global version of Hyundai ix25 that is has been sold in China since a year ago after debuting at 2014 Chengdu Auto Show. Name ‘Creta’ is taken from the largest island in Greece, Crete. It will be used internationally, but its home market.

There’s no differentiation between ix25 and Creta. The crossover comes up with Hyundai’s latest Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language. Up front, Hyundai gives nice looking headlights that is integrated with blue LED Daytime Running Lights, trapezoidal grill with chrome accent, vertical fog lamps, and combined with two-tone colors front bumper making the Creta looks handsome. From side, Hyundai’s designers adds sculpted lines from A-pillar to D-pillar. At the rear, we can see a muscular part above the rear bumper from two horizontal lines. Meanwhile the taillights comes with a great combination.

Even though Hyundai hasn’t released the interior picture of Creta, but I expect the cabin is same to China-only ix25. The ix25 has a good interior design combined with best quality material and leather upholstery. Interestingly, the consumers in China can choose the dashboard color options: black, blue, and orange. Moreover, Hyundai offers 5-inch screen BlueLink that displays navigation and infotainment during your trip. Just like the cabin, Creta’s dimension hasn’t released yet but once again I guess it will have the same physic like ix25 which has 4,270 mm long, 1,780 mm wide, 1,630 mm high, and 2,590 mm wheelbase.

For the powertrain, Hyundai India offers 1.6 liter petrol unit producing 121 hp. For diesel engines, there are 1.4 liter and 1.6 liter. Those engines are mated to 6-speed manual transmission, meanwhile the 1.6 liter diesel gets 6-speed automatic transmission as an optional. There’s no confirmation about 2.0 liter availability outside China that can produce 160 hp.

The car features Hive body structure. It offers a robust yet lightweight body structure with strong dynamics and enhanced safety. The body shell of Creta scores high on overall strength and rigidity and is set to be a new benchmark for this segment.Other features are 17-inch alloy wheels, 6 airbags, and parking reverse camera.

2016 Hyundai Creta will be available in India starting from 21st of July. I hope Creta will male its debut at 2015 Gaikindo Indonesian International Auto Show (GIIAS) next August in Indonesia.

New Car: 2016 Audi A4

Finally Audi introduced the fifth generation of A4 this week. Audi promises everything is new outside and inside. From exterior, interior, powertrain, and technology to fight with BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS, and Mercedes C-Class.

From exterior, I’m sorry but I have to say that the design is plain. For me, its exterior design is almost the same to its predecessor. It’s more look like the second facelift rather than an all new model. Up front, Audi’s designers give new design of headlights that’s integrated with LED Matrix. Now, the grill comes up with hexagonal shape and we can see new foglamps design. At the rear, the automaker put LED taillights with new formation and dual-exhaust.

Latest A4 is 120 kg lighter than its previous generation. The dimension of New A4 is 4.73 meter long and 2.82 meter wheelbase. A4 Avant comes with 505 liter load capacity but when you fold the rear seats, the capacity increase up to 1,510 liter. Audi claims that it is the best load capacity in the segment.

Inside, the German carmaker offers a lot of gadgets. There is Audi Virtual Cockpit that has debuted in Audi TT comes with 12.3 inch TFT display replacing the traditional instrument panel. In center cockpit there’s an 8.3-inch TFT that will display MMI system. For your ear, Audi immerses Bang & Olufsen audio system with 3D Sound, 755-watt and 19-speaker. Furthermore, you can connect your music collection via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

According to Audi, the A4 handling is great combining sportiness and comfort, thanks to re-developed five-link axles and an electromechanical steering. The features that improves driving experience are dynamic steering which varies its ratio based-on car’s speed and steering angle, and suspension, with adjustable shock absorbers.

Under the hood, Audi offers 7 engines for German market. For diesel engine, there are 4 TDIs range from 150 hp to 272 hp. Meanwhile for petrol engines, there are 3 TFSIs range from 190 hp to 252 hp. Those engines are mated to 6-speed manual transmission, 7-speed S-Tronic Dual Clutch, or 8-speed automatic transmission. The most green A4 is TDI Ultra sedan that has 150 hp with 99 g/km for its emission.

2016 Audi A4 will be available from the end of this year.

First Sketch: Honda BR-V Concept

In Indonesia, Daihatsu Terios and Toyota Rush dominate the small crossover segment. But in 2016 there will be a new comer from Honda. Rumors about Brio or Mobilio SUV have been spreading around the internet since a year ago. The Japanese automaker just revealed the first sketches of its small crossover, called BR-V (Bold Runabout-Vehicle).

According to Honda, it’s based-on Honda Mobilio. No wonder that its exterior design is look alike its sibling that is in MPV segment. Its front fascia looks tough and more mature featuring new headlights which seems is integrated with LED Daytime Running Lights and Solid Wing Face grill as current Honda’s identity. From side, there are sculpted fine lines which sweep from A-pillar to rear bumper. At the rear, we can see a new rear bumper features vertical sculpted that reminds me to 2010 Fit/Jazz facelift. Moreover, there are C-shaped LED taillights. The body moulding is seen around the car from front, side, and rear.

For its dimension, Honda hasn’t announced it yet. But probably BR-V is slightly longer, wider, and higher with bigger tires. And for the powertrain, I guess that BR-V to get 1.5 liter VTEC from Mobilio. But I hope Honda will offer bigger engine, like 2.0 liter VTEC. For the transmission, I expect the SUV to get 5-speed manual transmission or CVT.

Honda BR-V will make its debut at 2015 Gaikindo Indonesian International Auto Show (GIIAS) next August as a concept car. The production version is set to debut in 2016.

Sabtu, 27 Juni 2015

New Car: 2016 Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes just announced the facelift of A-Class. But the updates are in minor scale. Seems like this is the first update (yes, it is. But I mean there’s a possibility for the second updates). The German carmaker did some changes at exterior, interior, powertrain, and immersing a new feature for the hatch.

nside, now the A-Class gets dual instrument binnacle that you can find in CLA and GLA. Moreover, there are redesigned switches, revamped new seats with new colors and trim options, better quality material, and infotainment system that is now has 8-inch display as an optional and now compatible with Apple CarPlay and Mirrorlink. And for Mercedes-AMG A45 AMG, there are multifunction steering wheel with flattened lower section, and sport seats with cushion depth adjustment as standard.

A new feature that is immersed to the five-door hatchback is DYNAMIC SELECT. It is an adaptive damping system that has 4 driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Eco, and Individual. Moreover, Mercedes offers Motorsport Edition which is inspired by firm’s F1 team. The edition is available from the A200/A200 d upwards. It features green accents on the body, the AMG wheels, and in the cabin.

When you look at to the update 2016 A-Class probably you won’t notice the changes. Let me tell you that you can see the changes carefully. Up front, Mercedes’ designers redesigned the bumper that now comes up with more arrow-shaped. And also, now diamond accent grille is standard for all models. At the rear, you can notice the updates easier. The LED taillights gets new cluster design where duo brake lights surrounding the sign lamps. Furthermore, there are revised rear bumper and new dual-pipes.

And for A45 AMG, Mercedes offers more aggressive and sportier exterior design update. To improve the aerodynamic, Mercedes’ designers redesined the front bumper which is now gets front skirt and canards, a new rear bumper, quad-exhaust, a new rear spoiler, and LED headlights as standard.

nder the hood, there are some changes for the engines. First, A160 which has 4-cylinder 1.6 liter producing 99 hp. For the diesel engine, there’s A180d BlueEfficiency 1.5 liter with 108 hp. Meanwhile for A220d and A250 gets more power around 7 hp. And for A45 AMG, Mercedes’ engineers upgraded the powertrain 2.0 liter producing 376 hp and 475 Nm of torque.

New Car: 2016 Kia Cee'd

The second gen of Kia Cee’d is still the coolest car from the South Korea company, in my mind. Peter Schreyer has done a great job for this hatchback. No wonder the car has got good sales performance reaching 1 million units. This year, it’s time for Cee’d to get facelift. And we don’t need to wait until 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show is open, because Kia just released the official pictures and specs of 2016 Cee’d.

Exterior changes are more angular and wider bumper, smaller fog lamps, and chrome accents around the fog lamps and Tiger Nose grille. At the rear, we can see the differentiation among Cee’d, Cee’d Wagon, and Pro Cee’d. Cee’d gets LED taillights that a glance looks like borrow from latest Kia Rio hatch. Meanwhile Cee’d Wagon gets more elegant LED taillights and clean design. And Pro Cee’d gets an attractive design which is seen from cool LED taillights and redesign rear bumper that’s integrated with rear fog lamps.

Just like on the exterior design, the interior gets minor styling update. Now the cabin features chrome accents around the instrument binnacle, upper instrument panel, air vents, base of gear stick, door handles, and the temperature control dials. Meanwhile, now center console gets gloss black finish. Furthermore, Kia offers a new optional Brown Pack color package that adds brown upholstery to the seats and doors.

The powertrain options get a new engine and upgrades. Kia immerses a new engine T-GDI petrol 3-cylinder 1.0 liter that has two output options, 99 hp and 118 hp and deliver 172 Nm of torque for both of them. The powertrain updates are diesel engine 1.6 CRDi which has 108 hp and 134 hp, and 1.4 liter CRDi diesel producing 99 hp. The petrol engines get update for 1.4 liter MPI producing 99 hp and 1.6 liter GDI with 126 hp. Meanwhile the hot hatchback version, Cee’d GT and Pro_Cee’d GT have got a new turbocharged system for T-GDI 1.6 liter producing 201 hp. The result is the hatchback can run faster from 0-100 km/h in 7.6 seconds.

And for those who wants to buy 1.6 CRDi model, you can get an interesting optional, 7-speed Double-Clutch Transmission (DCT). 2016 Kia Cee’d will be available across Europe later this year. And I’m still hope that the cool hatchback will be sold in Indonesia.

New Car: 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

The wait is over. Alfa Romeo finally revealed 2016 Giulia on June of 24th. A four-door sedan that marks the rebirth of Alfa Romeo. Moreover, the middle-size sedan is the first rear-wheel-drive car in over 2 decades from the Italian brand after 1992 75. Giulia is prepared to fight with BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class. So, what’s new inside the sedan?

Under the hood, Alfa Romeo just unveiled Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) type which has V6 3.0 liter turbocharged and tuned by Ferrari engineers. The powertrain can deliver up to 503 hp. And its performance is 3.9 seconds to reach 100 km/h from 0 km/h. But if the QV model is too fast for you, the automaker will announce lower and slower engines later.

The 159’s replacement has a perfect 50/50 distribution across two axles. Alfa Romeo said that the Giulia using lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, aluminum, aluminum composite and plastic. The result is Giulia has the best weight-to-power ratio at lower than 3kg/hp, and making its weight under 1,530 kg (Alfa Romeo hasn’t announced Giulia’s weight officially). Meanwhile, its chassis is shared some components with Maserati Ghibli and using Multilink suspension at the rear, and a new double wishbone suspension with semi-virtual steering axis for more accurate steering at the front.

The four-door sedan gets Torque Vectoring system with a double clutch that enables rear differential to control the torque delivery to each wheel separately. The system can improve driving on low grip condition. Other highlight features are  Active Aero Splitter and a renewed Alfa Romeo DNA driving mode with 4 options: Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficient, and Racing.

The exterior design, you can recognize it as an Alfa Romeo from distance. Its triangle grille is still at the front fascia that features aggressive and sporty design. Moreover, there are headlights that’s integrated with LED Daytime Running Lights. Its headlights design with narrow design making the Giulia’s face looked grumpy. The car looks muscular, thanks to sculpted lines that are placed on the hood. At the rear, we can see LED taillights and quad-exhaust. Overall, seems like Alfa Romeo wants to introduce its new design language that is combined with its traditional identity.

New Car: 2016 Mercedes GLC-Class

Mercedes GLK is one of the cars that gets name change for the next generation. And the German carmaker just unveiled the second generation of GLK which is now dubbed GLC. I have a good news that is now Mercedes GLC comes with right-hand drive version, unlike its older bro. It means that UK, Indonesia, Australia, and many other countries with right-hand drive can get the GLC.

The new SUV is totally different to the GLK which has boxy design and sharp lines. Now GLC comes up with curvy design that makes it less tough for an SUV. Up front, we can recognize it as a Mercedes-Benz because it has current company’s design language, such as short overhang, a big three-pointed-star on the grille, and LED High Performance headlights.

At a glance, it looks like Mercedes GLA. But I like its face. For me, it look is more handsome than BMW X3, Lexus NX, and Porsche Macan. At the rear, Mercedes designer put LED taillights that at a glance look like C-Class Estate, but it’s bigger. The line design is muscular without sculpted aggressive lines and features dual-exhaust.

The interior has nice and clean design. Looks elegant and luxurious. Some elements are borrowed from latest C-Class and GLE SUV. The instrument panel is sweeping from center air vents to the armrest. In the center console, there’s a touchpad that can be operated with finger gesture. Another good news from the GLC is about cargo capacity. The car’s rear bench features a 40/20/40 split. You can increase the capacity by locking backrests at a steeper angle. So, the total of load capacity increasing to 1,600 liters.

The 2016 Mercedes GLC features 4MATIC permanent all-wheel-drive with a basic drive torque split of 45% to 55% (front-rear). When you drive on off-road track, GLC’s Rocking Assist Program will raise the car by 50 mm and increase the wheel-slip control threshold. The SUV has other off-road programs, such as Off Road, Incline, and Trailer.

For the powertrain, Mercedes offers petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines. For the petrol, there are GLC 300 and GLC 300 4MATIC which are powered by 4-cylinder 2.0 liter produces 241 hp and 370 Nm. Meanwhile the diesels are GLC 220d which has 2.1 liter producing 168 hp, and GLC 250d that has same capacity but it produces 201 hp. These engines are mated to 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission with 9-speed. The hybrid engine is badged GLC 350e to get petrol engine which has 208 hp combines with a 114 hp electric motor and mated to 7G-TRONIC Plus 7-speed automatic transmission.

Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

New Car: 2016 BMW 7 Series

BMW revealed the sixth generation of 7 Series. As you know (and so does everyone else), the sedan is ready to beat Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8 (sorry Lexus LS. You have to work harder). Everything is new, more luxurious, and more sophisticated.

BMW engineers did hard work to get lighter weight. The result is the latest 7 Series is 200 kg lighter and 130 kg lighter (for 750i xDrive) than its predecessor, thanks to the combination of carbon fiber structures, steel, aluminum, magnesium, and plastic. According to Klaus Frohlich, BMW AG board member, the new 7 Series is the lightest car in its segment.

The exterior’s styling is the combination of the fifth gen 7 Series and latest BMW’s design language that we can see on latest 3 and 4 Series. Up front, there are new headlights design that is now adopt laser technology. At the rear, we can see new LED taillights and chrome accent that is placed horizontally through the lights. To make it sportier, BMW adds dual-exhaust.

Codenamed G11, the latest luxury sedan is 5,098 mm long, 3,070 mm wheelbase, 1,902 mm wide, and 1,467 mm tall. Meanwhile G12 (long wheelbase/LWB) is 5,238 mm long, 3,210 mm wheelbase, 1,902 mm wide, and 1,479 mm tall.

Inside, the new sedan comes with more modern look featuring 3-spoke leather steering wheel, digital instrument graphic, iDrive 5.0 infotainment system that can be operated via touch screen or gesture control for the first time. It also comes with wireless charging for your mobile phone, an optional 7-inch removable tablet which can control functions of the car, and more.

The highlight technology in the car is Remote Control Parking. It enables the latest 7 Series moving in and out from the garage or parking space without anyone inside the car. While the car is parking, the driver can monitor its progress via BMW Display Key.

Under the hood, for European market BMW offers 3.0 liter turbo six-cylinder producing 326 hp for 740i and 740Li, V8 4.4 liter turbo produces 450 hp for 750i xDrive and 750Li xDrive, and 3.0 liter turbodiesel with 265 hp. For USA market, there’s a little bit change for 3.0 litr turbo six-cylinder produces 320 hp. Early 2016, BMW plans to launch 740e xDrive plug-in hybrid which has 4-cylinder 2.0 liter turbocharged. The electric luxury car can run in electric mode up to 37 km with maximum speed 121 km/h. Those engines are mated to 8-speed automatic transmission.

Jumat, 19 Juni 2015

Supercharged Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Giveaway!

Extreme Terrain and accessories manufacturer, Barricade Off-Road just revealed a fully-built 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, called Project Trail Force at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler, Pennsylvania. So, what does make it to be the coolest Wrangler ever?

The legendary SUV features a centrifugal Ripp Supercharger making it has more 140 horsepower to the otherwise factory V6 3.6 liter powertrain. Furthermore, it has Rock Krawler long-arm lift kit utilizing coil-overs making it 3.5" higher than stock. The standard tire is replaced by 37" and Mammoth Boulder wheels which is ready take you to anywhere you want. 

Exterior, we can see some changes, such as trail-ready Barricade Front Bumper, Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier, Fender Flares and Rock Sliders. For those who like night adventure, there are full Raxiom Lighting upgrade including two 25" LED spotlights, two 3” square LED off-road lights and a 50” double row LED light bar. In case that isn’t enough lighting to turn night into day, it is equipped with KC Hilites 7" LED headlights.

On the inside, this 2015 Wrangler is hooked up by Rugged Ridge with a pair of their Grab Handles, All Terrain Floor Liners, Cargo Liner and Seat Covers. Finally, the interior is finished with a Raxiom OE-Style Navigation including Bluetooth and Back-up Camera to help you find the trail.

Are you interested to have it? If so, Extreme Terrain is holding a contest to win the fully-built Wrangler. Every single US resident who is 18 year-old or older can enter the contest once per week until 23rd of October, 2015. Extreme Terrain will be flying one luck winner to 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas where Project Trail Force doing world premiere to claim his/her prize. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to register.

Sabtu, 23 Mei 2015

AmericanMuscle will Give the One-Off MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang GT for Free!

Modern Muscle Design (MMD) just revealed its latest customization for Mustang in Huntington Beach, California. Along with renowned vehicle designer, Chip Foose, the collaboration resulting the one-off Mustang named MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang GT. So, what's the special thing in this car?

Under the hood, there's a V8 5.0 liter powertrain which produces more than 810 hp! The custom Mustang comes up with more aggressive and sportier exterior design. Starting first as a simple sketch months prior, Foose incorporated his signature design aesthetic into every aspect of the Mustang,complementing the car’s high performance and bringing eight new MMD by Foose components to life which will be available as stand-alone parts to order later this year.

20” Foose Design wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires. Additional performance enhancements include a Magnaflow Competition Cat-back exhaust system built to optimize exhaust flow and performance for the MMD byFoose 2015 Mustang, as well as Vogtland Sport Suspension; assuring the perfect stance and handling to cope with the car’s increased acceleration.

The thing that will make you excited and shock is AmericanMuscle will give away the MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang GT! So interesting, right? If you want the one-off MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang GT so bad, click the WIN THE MMD BY FOOSE 2015 GT  page to register. You just fill in your data there. To join this event, you must be 18 or older and you are resident of USA. So,

Starting today and through August 3, 2015, fans can enter online up to once a week to win the MMD by Foose. AmericanMuscle will fly the winner to its 2015 Mustang Show in Mohnton, PA. Chip Foose will be on - hand to deliver the keys to the lucky winner  on August 15. The show benefits the Make – a - Wish® Foundation and is expected to draw more than 10,000 spectators and more than 2,500 Mustangs.

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